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Cody Easterbrook stars in Cameron Crowe's Aloha

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Cody Easterbrook stars alongside Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin in Aloha.

The film directed by Cameron Crowe is the story of a military contractor (Bradley Cooper) who goes to Hawaii and reconnects with a lost love while falling for his Air Force watchdog (Emma Stone).

Cody plays the role of personal assistant to a wealthy rocket launching billionaire played by Bill Murray himself. 

"I was lucky to work side by side with Bill Murray," said Cody. "He kept us laughing everyday. For being such a well know celeb, he is surprisingly personal. One day during shooting he asked if I needed a chair, I told him I was fine and the next thing you know he had run off set and returned with a chair just for me. Completely unexpected. He took good care of me. Sometimes he'd ask if I needed anything, of course I'd always respond no, but he wouldn't have that. "Cody needs a drink," he would call out of nowhere. The production assistants would scramble to get me a bottle of water, I'm sure they hated that. The best part was, even on a closed set where everyone else was asked to leave, I was able to stick around and get the full experience that other actors just dream of! Forget acting classes - I was learning from Director Cameron Crowe and Bill Murray personally!"


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Amazingly, with this film, Cameron Crowe managed to mix some powerful ingredients: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Hawaiian folklore, and a love story all rolled into one. Pictured above, Cody Easterbrook and Bill Murray behind the scenes on the set of 'Aloha.' 
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Just spreading the 'Aloha' #AlohaMovie

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Cody shoots for  

Men of Hawai'i Calendar

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Cody Easterbrook will be featured in a forthcoming calendar with sculpted bodies captured on Hawaiian beaches.


The Men of Hawaii calendar showcases the sexiest men of the Hawaiian islands, all photographed in swimsuits or aloha shirts modeling on the beaches and jungles of Hawaii.

Cody's photoshoot took place on Kahala beach at sunrise earlier this month.

"I don't always wear jeans on a beach but when I do I'm usually modeling for the Men of Hawai'i Calendar," mused actor and model Cody Easterbrook. 

The Men of Hawai'i calendar will be on shelves later next year and this serious dose of eye candy is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for 365 days straight.

Men of Hawaii-1.jpg
Cody Easterbrook is among the sexiest men of the Hawaiian islands and will be featured in the Men of Hawai'i Calendar hitting shelves later next year.
Men of Hawaii 8.5x11.jpg

Media Buzz

Cody named a finalist for the Best job in the World



In his appearance on Sunrise, actor and traveler, Cody Easterbrook announced that he is a finalist in the running for the best job in the world. Travel website Jauntaroo, a travel-planning aid and self-proclaimed "vacation matchmaker" is looking for a Chief World Explorer -- aka the "best job around the world". It's pretty much the best job you'll ever have.

The job entails traveling the world and getting paid to do so. It's a one year position that not only encourages, but requires, the applicant to live from a suitcase, experience new cultures, visit exotic destinations and documenting the journey. It isn't an easy task but it is a coveted position with over 100 thousands applicants, of which Cody Easterbrook has been selected as a finalist and one of the top 5 travelers across the globe. 

The lucky traveler who is selected for this unique position will go on an excursion around the world for one year, posting their experiences to social media and get paid $100,000 to do so.

The position has some intense qualifications:

  • Partial to naps and massages on beaches

  • Eager to capture local cultures, foods and activities

  • Comfortable with travel to exotic destinations

  • Able to capture content that makes us smile

  • Ready to tweet, post and pin

  • Enduring of long flights to exotic destinations

  • Always ready for the adventure

  • Generous of spirit in helping others


Hawaii News Now KGMB & KHNL

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Cody Easterbrook stars in Pizza Hut campain



Pizza Hut pizza was the first physical good ever purchased over the internet. "We want to celebrate the fact that before consumers could buy books, clothes, music or vacation packages via the internet, they could place an online order for a Pizza Hut pizza," said Carrie Walsh, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut. 


Customers have enjoyed countless digital innovations from Pizza Hut since the first order was placed in 1994. The technology used to make online ordering a reality has evolved into a more current-generation web-ordering experiences including the Pizza Hut app.


The current advertising campaign celebrating the brand's instant online ordering is led by a new commercial featuring Cody Easterbrook in a frat boy feud. The ad depicts two college coeds battling it out to instantly order their favorite Pizza Hut pizza. However, things get messy when the duo forget to order the crust and instead send toppings and pizza sauce raining down instead. The commercial can be viewed below.


To get just the right shot took multiple takes, explained actor, Cody Easterbrook. That meant buckets of pizza sauce were dumped on him and he had to shower, change and go through hair and make-up again and again after each take. It all paid off with a hilarious Pizza Hut ad that has gone viral.



Pizza Hut Online Ordering Campaign I Kinetic Productions 

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Cody Easterbrook models for Elle Magazine spread


Cody Easterbrook is among the models selected to appear in an Arluis spread for Elle Magazine, photographed at the Moana Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii



Once you step into the stark white chapel, you almost have to catch your breath. Below the dazzling crystal chandelier, the stunning ocean views of Waikiki beach, right before you, catches your gaze. It's almost hypnotic on this perfectly sunny day.  

This is the breathtaking setting for actor and model, Cody Easterbrook on his latest modeling gig. Easterbrook is among the models selected to appear in an Arluis spread for Elle Magazine. The faux wedding shoot took place at the oldest and the most sumptuous hotel in Waikiki. 

The “Moana Surfrider” was the venue as the model newlyweds and gorgeous wedding party were photographed for Elle Magazine. The photo-spread highlights ARLUIS WEDDING, the luxury destination wedding service and their Waikiki wedding venue.


The resort is known as Waikiki's first lady being the first hotel on these fabled shores. It has a century-old tradition and proved a stunning location for the popular wedding magazine shoot. 


On Location

Cody books role in Japanese feature film

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Production has begun on the Japanese romantic comedy, Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata, the latest film by director Koji Maeda. Cody has been cast as Ryan, the fun loving Hawaiian local who truly connects with the earth.  He prefers the outdoors to a posh party any day and this freelance tour guide knows all the hidden trails and secret waterfalls on  the island. Ryan is easy-going but finds comfort in the mountains. He has a reputation for his coconut moonshine which he happily shares with his new friends from Japan, Minori, Akane, and Tomoya.

Director Maeda has teamed up with screenwriter Ryo Takada for this new film set in Hawaii. The story follows Minori, Nana Eikura, a  magazine editor who  pitches a feature story as an excuse to attend her friend’s wedding in in Hawaii. Rin Takanashi (Like Someone in Love) plays Akane, a party girl she meets in Hawaii by chance. Koji Seto plays a hard-working business man named Tsutomu who’s struggling to realize his dream and Ryo Kase plays Tomoya Abe, the free-spirited son of a millionaire with an affinity for nature and good friends with Ryan.

Together, the crew travel freely around Hawaii, hitting famous local spots like Ala Moana Beach Park, Waikiki Beach, and Waimea Falls where Cody and cast filmed on location on the north shorte of Oahu. Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata will be released nation-wide in Japan in early summer 2014.

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Cody & furry friend walk at Celeb and Pets fashion show



Cody Easterbrook was among the celebrities who walked the runway, with puppy in tow, for the annual Celebrity and Their Pets Fashion show.


Celebrities worked the cat walk (pun intended) this past weekend at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall, holding their own pets or adoptable dogs.    


"I had a blast participating in the 2013 Celebrities and Their Pets Fashion Show. This little guy was from the Oahu SPCA and rocked it out on the runway,"

This annual event is held to bring awareness to pet adoption and encourage volunteerism and foster homes for dogs and cats at the Oahu SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The popular fashion show highlights just how much love a pet can bring into one's life.  



On Location

Taking the Plunge



Actor and model Cody Easterbrook has finally taken the plunge - right off a cliff that is. For his latest editorial shoot for a prominent European magazine, an elaborate wedding was staged on the north shore of Oahu.


Art direction created a beautiful beachside ceremony with a cast of perfectly pastel-clad wedding guest extras. The beautiful bride and groom were photographed taking a leap from atop the rocky cliff at Waimea bay dressed in their wedding best. They didn't just splash down into the water once, but probably around 10-15 times!


"I lost track," confessed Cody. "Don't worry, we had dozens of tuxedos and wedding gowns on hand for a quick change and then we were back up on the rock for another leap into the ocean."


Indeed, rack after rack of suits and gowns were staged on the shore for this adventurous shoot. This wasn't Cody's first time jumping the rock at Waimea, but it was the first time taking the leap fully dressed in a tuxedo. 


"It's a weird feeling swimming in a tux,' explained Cody. "But, I had it easy." Three watermen were on hand to drag the model who played his wife ashore after each jump as her gown became a weighty white anchor of engulfing lace after every jump. 


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OluKai launches ad campaign featuring Cody



Cody Easterbrook was among the models selected for the OluKai 2013 Spring/Summer campaign which was shot throughout Maui. OluKai footwear features beautiful, quality materials and handcrafted details inspired by island culture and reflect the spirit of ocean lifestyle and heritage.


The campaign was shot by renowned photographer Daniel Bloom, a rising star originally from northern Sweden. He honed his photography skills in the snowy landscapes of high altitude snowboarding. His ability to capture the energy of a scene and deliver the human element in each photo is what drew OluKai to his work.

To reflect the collection’s theme of island harmony, the models were photographed at breathtaking locations such as Honolua Bay and rainforest, Mokuleia beach, and even on a yacht sailing along the coast of Maui. From shave-ice stands to a high end lifestyle shoot, the juxtaposition of the locations reflected the island harmony theme for the latest OluKai collection. 


The company is committed to building a unique and better class of products that blend ocean heritage with modern performance. In their latest campaign, the models showcased the diversity of OluKai for the OluKai Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, launching the brand’s diverse line of new styles.

OluKai showcases the diversity of their footwear in the OluKai Spring/Summer 2013 campaign

The campaign was shot at breathtaking locations across Maui, such as Honolua Bay and rainforest, Mokuleia beach, and even on a yacht sailing along the coast of Maui.

On Location

Cody cast as boxing ring announcer

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The latest Island Insurance ad campaign takes viewers to the boxing ring pitting a big bad bruiser against the lovable Island insurance cat, in a fight to the finish. Amid all the action is the suave announcer, played by Cody Easterbrook who presents the opponents and ultimately announces the underdog-- (or in this case, the under-cat) as the winner!


The ad was actually shot in boxing ring with a group of cheering extras filling up the stands. Cody was looking slick rocking a bow tie, and announcing in the classic announcer mic that descends down into the center of the ring.


The production design created a thick smoky arena, under the glowing hot lights, with a sweaty boxer, a host of lively screaming fans packed in the stands and Cody as the ring announcer.


"It was incredible," explained Cody. "That's what I love about being an actor, no two days are alike, I never know what to expect with each new shoot." The commercial entitled, 'Island Insurance Big Hitter' hits airwaves this summer.


'Big Hitter' campaign I Island Insurance I Matsumoto & Clapperton I Director, Ryan Kawamoto 

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Cody stars in Lexus Campaign

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.55.23 PM.png


Lexus encourages 2014 IS owners to stand out in their latest commercial ad campaign. The commercial, which features actor, Cody Easterbrook and the 2014 Lexus IS sedans, has just wrapped production ahead of the car's July launch.

The commercial, called “Work Party," takes place after a high-end event where everyone is gathered at the valet service awaiting their cars. After mentioning that he, ‘can’t get out in front of a crowd,” Cody’s character notices a hush fall over the crowd as his 2014 Lexus IS pulls up. “This must be me,” he says confidently and then makes his way through the crowd to drive off into the secluded night after a quick glance at the pretty woman he was just talking with. 

The commercial toys with the idea that some things are designed to draw crowds while others are designed to leave them behind. The commercial was shot over a 12 hour night shoot on location at a posh hotel. Check out the totally new 2014 Lexus IS ad below. 


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Cody Featured in American Savings Bank commercial



The latest ad campaign for American Savings Bank features Cody Easterbrook, among the  featured people who are overly excited with the rates being offered by their bank.

Cody is cast as the husband who is awakened by his screaming wife, jumping up and down on the bed, and exaggerating that the bank even offers clients a pony! Cut to the bank lawyer who shoots down this claim, and then cut back to the husband, (played by Cody) who is now shaving in the bathroom and disappointedly expresses his frustration: "… I always wanted a pony." Kitschy but fun.

The commercial has wrapped and will hit the air this summer. 


Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 8.13.46 PM_edi
_I always wanted a pony_

American Saving Bank I Director: James Sereno 

Pilot season

Mr. Cody: Classroom Detective 

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.35.08


Cody Easterbrook is more than just a kindergarten teacher in Hawaii, he's a classroom detective solving everyday crimes.


The Kahalu'u elementary school teacher was also just named a semi-finalist for an unscripted reality show that's all about sleuthing, problem solving and finding out whodunnit! 


Kahaluu logo.jpg

Mr Cody I Classroom Detective 

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Cody cast in Mobi Ad



Mobi PCS unveils their latest ad featuring Cody Easterbrook, as a surfer at the beach, breaking up with his girl and has a rare encounter with a nosey jogger passing by. 



Mobi 'Breakup' campaign I Mobi PCS  I Director, Brett Wagner 

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