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I’m on a mission to dive into all things  bizarre and unexplained and to open some eyes along the way. 

Cody Easterbrook

Paranormal Investigator

Image by MontyLov
|Investigator of the unknown| 



Cody Easterbrook is a television host, a reporter, a seasoned investigator and a paranormal junkie.  He explores haunted location and the sites of mysterious occurrences on a quest to find evidence proving the existence of the paranormal and supernatural.


There’s nothing he loves more than piecing together a good mystery, and he's spent his life traveling the world, collecting crazy stories, studying lost civilizations, gathering evidence of curious occurrences, and seeking out answers to the unexplained mysteries of our world and beyond. 


We're talking conspiracies, otherworldly phenomenon, all things pertaining to the unknown, and mysteries with a little bit of twist. He's interested in literally everything from the freaky to the downright jaw dropping. 

As a P.I. with a degree in broadcast communications Cody has a strong journalistic voice, and has won numerous awards for his reporting.  Because he is so innately curious, he asks the questions that viewers are thinking and he possesses a strong command in sharing that information in an engaging and relatable way. 

Image by Eugene Triguba
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