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  • Starring role as Nick in Hallmark's Two Tickets to Paradise

  • Series Lead in Here TV original series, SWELL

  • Hawaii Five-0 as bullriding cowboy, Luke Pakele

  • Magnum, P.I. as T-LO the sassy stylist

  • Off the Map as Ramirez on the Gray's Anatomy spin-off

  • Appearing in Adam Devine's Houseparty on Comedy Central

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Young the the Drapeless

"One of the finest actors I have

had the good fortune to work with."

Brandon Blinn, Director, Swell

Cody Amy Schumer.jpg
50 First Kisses
  • Acted opposite Bill Murray in Cameron Crowe’s Aloha

  • Cast opposite Amy Schumer in Snatched

  • Lead in Indy feature, False Advertising premiering at Chinese Theater, Hollywood

  • Stealing the show as Ten Second Tom in Sony Pictures' 50 First Kisses 

TBFSC Cody-4275.jpg

"He creates an energy

that captivates everyone."

Russell Tanoue, Producer

  • Host of the Emmy-nominated series The Big Fun Crafty Show by NBC Universal 

  • Pre-show Host for American Idol

  • Host of syndicated lifestyle show The Need Series 


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Cody Easterbrook_edited.jpg
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"The performing chameleon is at his best!"

MIDWEEK Magazine

"His performances are authentic and compelling!"

Brandon Blinn, Director

Crashing his very first audition on a whim not only landed Cody Easterbrook with a role on network television, but it was the start of an incredible career for the actor, entertainer, voice artist and television host. The Hawaii native got his start entertaining crowds as a lu'au emcee before his talents were tapped to tackle an array of on-screen roles. Known for his authentic performances, great sense of comedic timing, and big personality, the multi-hyphenate performer has appeared in numerous television shows, major motion pictures and national commercial campaigns. Directors have praised Cody's ability to easily embody diverse roles and do so with a unique focus and commitment.


Never shy of the limelight, Cody is a seasoned host known for the high energy and excitement that he brings to every appearance. Armed with his natural talent, quick wit and charisma, Cody is a passionate story-teller with genuine relatability that allows him to connect with vast audiences. The versatile emcee continues to wow live audiences hosting award shows, fashion shows, and corporate events. True to his roots, despite his non-stop schedule, Cody assures that he still finds time to hop on that lu'au stage adding, "I never forget where I come from."

Cody Easterbrook Style Coach-8.jpeg

"He brings a passion and commitment that is refreshing"

James Sereno, Director



"Life is always a blur for the constantly
on-the-go actor and television host."

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Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 10.45.33 PM.png

"His infectious zeal for life is obvious.The performing  chameleon is at his best."


Carol Chang

"Cody is the quintessential renaissance man. He is brilliant, sensitive, gifted and articulate."

Leialoha Pakalani

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 3.06.53 PM.png

"A true professional - personable, engaging and charming"

Kim DeSimone, Producer


Aloha Gas
"Cody is every directors dream talent!"

Roy Kimura, Director

  • No-nonsense executive who is determined to get what he wants 

  • The sassy eccentric busybody who has to know everything about everyone

  • The family man nice guy but with a dark secret

  • The sweet talking politician whose barely holding it together

  • The sarcastic and loyal confidant who always has your back

  • Speaks fluent Spanish

  • Award Winning artist

  • World Traveler (40+ countries)

  • Avid skydiver

  • The craziest contestant to win The Price is Right


"Cody wows and entertains!"

Paul Lam, Producer

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