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His incredible talent is unmatched.

Event Producer, Russell Tanoue

Television Host / Emcee / Master of Ceremonies

Cody Mafatu Easterbrook

I’m a modern day nomad and a thrill seeking adventurer. I’m a lu’au entertainer and ambassador of aloha. I’m a television host, a reporter and an actor. I'm a pop culture junkie and total foodie. I take way too many pictures, I paint, I skydive, I blog, and I eat... a lot. I am Cody Mafatu Easterbrook.

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Reporting Reel

A compliation of segments with reporter Cody Easterbrook for KVIC Channel 3 in Kauai.

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Hosting Reel

Cody Easterbrook: Television host, Lifestyle reporter, Travel & Adventure Corespondent. 

Travel Host

Exerts from various travel and adventure segments garnering Cody over a million views across social media.

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Foodie Host

Cody and Crystal set out on a Noodle Quest in search of the best local noodle dish on this episode of the 'Need Series.'

Lu'au Entertainer

Cody takes you home to La'ie, Hawaii to enjoy the culture, sights, food, lifestyle and history of this historic village.

Award Show Host

Cody hosts the American Advertising Awards (also known as Pele Awards) which is the advertising industry’s largest competition.

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Crafty Host

Cody brings his artistic skills and over the top persona to the screen as the crafty show host of this Emmy award nominated Universal Kids show. 

Fashion Show Emcee

Fashion Gala featuring the designs of Galia Lahav hosted by Cody Easterbrook.

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Fashion Host

Cody promotes Project Shine, a charity event he emcees 

Show Host

He's not just a Kindergarten teacher, he's a classroom detective solving everyday crimes.

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Cody explains the legends behind Haleakalā, the house of the sun


From a very early age, Cody learned an important lesson that has allowed him to keep the dream alive

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