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Visual Virtuoso

Artist | Illustrator | Photographer

Artist Cody Mafatu Easterbrook

Artist | Photographer

Cody Easterbrook is an artist, illustrator and designer serving Hawaii and beyond. His works have a tropical whimsy and chic tiki vibe, and enjoys taking a bold and colorful approach to his art.

Although his tastes are old Hawaiana interpreted with a forward flare, he loves to apply that in a mid-century modernistic manner with inviting pallets inspired by sunsets, sea foam, and serene botanical designs.

Cody Easterbrook is an artist currently working from Kailua, Hawaii. His paintings of oceanic people and the tropical world around him have a unique way of connecting viewers with nostalgic imagery of old Hawaii and the allure of the vast pacific.


In the realm of photography, Cody enjoys capturing subjects like breathtaking landscapes and the candid people of the world that he has encountered in his travels. “I love photographing the kupuna or elderly,” explains Cody. "The wrinkles of the face are the road map of a life well-lived.”

"Art speaks where words cannot."


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Known for his bright colors, Cody has captured the vibrancy of life both on camera and on canvass for decades. He is a painter, a photographer, a graphic designer, an illustrator  and an all around visual virtuoso. His works have been published in literary magazines, newspapers and he is a noted illustrator for children’s books.

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About the Artist

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       s a Pacific Islander, Cody Easterbrook’s oceanic roots permeate in every piece of his art. His characteristic style focuses on the whimsy of nature and the quaint beauty of island life. Much of his inspiration is drawn from family life, his time as a Polynesian dancer and performer and the unique places and foods he loves. Surrounded by the allure of the islands, his art is influenced by florals and botanical, impressions of the people and the carefree life of the islands that he calls home.

Cody Easterbrook

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