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Voice-Over Artist / Vocalist


Cody is a seasoned voice-over artist who masterfully brings scripts to life! From campy to conversational, confident to comedic, he presents a wide vocal range and a wealth of experience behind the microphone.

From an early age he possessed a fascination with voices, dialects and accents and began honing his craft with impersonations of his teachers in grade school. His imitations proved enough for Cody to officially begin his voice-over career.

With true vocal artistry, he effortlessly portrays a host of characters in commercials, animation, video games and provides commanding narration as an announcer for TV, radio and film. This talented vocalist, is also musically inclined as an accomplished singer, lending his diverse voice to a variety of markets.

Cody’s voice-over credits include Sega, Hawaiian Airlines, McDonald’s, American Savings Bank, Ameritas and The American Advertising Federation just to name a few.




Voice Over


Voice-Over Demo
Cody EasterbrookVoice-Over Demo
    He creates an energy that captivates everyone. 

Behind the Voice

In the studio with voice actor, Cody Easterbrook

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