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Sand Dunes
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You only discover what you’re truly made of, when you push yourself to the limit.

Adventurer, Cody Easterbrook

|every struggle comes with its rewards



By day he's an adventurer and mountaineer in Hawai’i taking thrill-seekers trekking into some of the most dangerous terrain in the islands. But, as survivalist Cody Easterbrook loves to say, "Every struggle comes with its rewards." It’s a dangerous hike to the top of these rugged landscapes, but the views are indeed breathtaking.


An outdoorsman from birth, Cody Easterbrook got his training early on in life. Through years of rigorous testing as a Boy Scout, he quickly achieved the rank of Eagle Scout at the early age of twelve. 


It was commonplace for Easterbrook to grow up learning survival skills and demonstrating such knowledge including fire building, rendering aid, constructing shelters, building weapons, and of course emergency preparedness.


"I’m ready for whatever the universe decides to throw at me!" he quips with his characteristic grin. 

"As a teen, I spent weeks in the mountains, camping without running water, modern luxuries and far from civilization - but I learned how to thrive with just the bare minimum," shared Easterbrook. "I know what it feels like to go weeks without a shower. Needless to say, I’m not a glamper!"


I'm ready for whatever the universe decides to throw at me.

World Traveler, Cody Easterbrook

|taking life back to its most basic form


Easterbrook isn't just a hobby survivalist either, he put himself to the test when he became a survivalist out of necessity. In his twenties, Cody did humanitarian work in Bolivia and Peru. He ensured his own survival while living in the most desolate locations, in a self-made mud shack, with dirt floors and a thatched roof for over two years. 


"There is something to be said about taking life back to its most basic form," he explained. "It’s freeing in so many ways."

Since those humble beginnings, Cody Easterbrook has made survivalism his passion. He is now a noted world traveler, adventurer and thrill-seeker having explored over 40 countries and counting. Easterbrook has trekked across the globe, living off the grid and has braved some of the most extreme environments on earth.

There is something to be said about taking life back to its most basic form. 
It's freeing in so many ways. 

World Traveler, Cody Easterbrook

|pushing yourself to the limit


Cody Easterbrook is an intrepid survivalist and has conquered the most diverse landscapes. From living the Bedouin lifestyle in the unforgiving deserts of the the middle east, to the most remote dwellings in South America, sheltering in a hut made from reeds on a floating manmade island in Lake Titicaca.

"One of the most amazing experiences, was surviving the South African bush, dwelling in a rugged treetop among the wild predators below," reminisces Cody. 


He's bravely devoured anything and everything including insects, scorpions and lizards in Asia, and he's hunted pua'a or wild boar to live off the land in Polynesia. He even battled the elements in the frozen tundra of the Canadian rockies sheltering in a dug-out snow structure.


He is indeed, one who practices outdoor survival skills for fun, which is the very definition of being a survivalist. "I find the thrill of survival exhilarating," he explains with a spark in his eye.  And so the adventures continue, but where will we find survivalist, Cody Easterbrook next?


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I find the thrill of
survival exhilarating!

Thrill seeker, Cody Easterbrook

Sand Dunes
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