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"Undeniably charismatic" 

"Utterly engaging"

"the quintessential renaissance man"

"He is brilliant, sensitive, gifted and articulate."

"he creates an energy that captivates everyone."

"he brings a passion and commitment that is refreshing." 

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"Supremely entertaining" 


I'm Cody

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Cody Mafatu Easterbrook is an actor, entertainer, television host,  world traveler and a social-media content creator who possesses an insatiable zeal for life. 


He is a passionate story-teller with genuine relatability that allows him to connect and engage with vast audiences and his over 100 thousand followers across social media and other platforms. 


Cody has appeared as host of the Emmy-nominated competition series, The Big Fun Crafty Show for NBC’s Universal Kids Network. He is recognized for his big persona and comedic improv skills. 


Always one to tackle diverse roles, Cody has been cast in various prime time television shows, major motion pictures as well as appearing as the spokesman for numerous brands. 

Cody Easterbrook laughing

Cody appeared as Luke Pakele, the bull riding cowboy, on Hawaii Five-0, Ten Second Tom in the Sony Pictures film, 50 First Kisses, T-Lo on Magnum P.I. and most recently as Nick on Hallmark Channel's Two Tickets to Paradise. He has acted alongside such greats as Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Amy Schumer. 


Cody is an accomplished on-air host, reporter and television personality. Having earned a degree in International Culture Studies and Communications, he got his start reporting on-air for KVIC channel 3 in Kauai. 


He has appeared on MTV, The Oprah Show, and Good Morning America earning multiple awards for excellence in broadcasting. Cody is known for the high energy and excitement that he bring to every appearance.


Never shy of the limelight, Cody continues to entertain live audiences nightly as the master of ceremonies at various lu’au, award shows, fashion shows and other lavish galas.


Easterbrook is also a world traveler and has explored dozens of countries, sharing his adventures in travel webisodes and engaging in voluntourism along the way. He documented his journey for audiences across media garnering the attention of thousands and he was recently noted as one of the top 5 travelers in the world .

Ever the adventurer, his hobbies include skydiving, paddle boarding, blogging, and photography. Cody currently splits time between his home in Hawaii, and LA and Toronto.


Cody Easterbook and Bill Murray on the set of Cameron Crowe's Aloha

Film, Television & Commercial

Always one to tackle diverse roles, Cody has appeared in various prime time television shows, major motion pictures and a variety of national commercial campaigns. Among his many roles, viewers recognize Cody as Luke Pakele, the bull riding cowboy, on Hawaii Five-0, Ramirez on ABC's Off The Map, Ten Second Tom in the Sony Pictures film, 50 First Kisses and and most recently as T-Lo on Magnum PI.

Television Host

On-air Host & Television Personality

Cody shines as a seasoned story teller, taking genuine interest in his subjects. His innate curiosity and authentic nature allows him to truly connect with television audiences. He was recently honored to be the host on the Emmy-nominated competition reality series for NBC.

Cody Easterbrook on location filming the Need Series
Cody Easterbrook Lu'au emcee, host and entertainer

Host & Emcee

Never shy of the limelight, Cody  entertains live audiences as a multi-hyphenate master of ceremonies, host and spokesman at various lu’au, award shows, fashion shows, corporate events & lavish galas. 

Master Crafter

Crafty Cody

Cody Easterbrook is an award-winning artist, celebrated designer, and a self made DIYer. He is known for his use of vibrant colors that are as bright as his fun, energetic and over-the-top persona.

Cody Easterbook on the set of the Big Fun Crafty Show
Mr Cody (Cody Easterbrook) and students of Kahalu'u Elementary school
Teacher & Mentor

Mr. Cody

As he's known to his students at Kahalu'u Elementary school, Mr. Cody is an educator, mentor and motivator who teaches his classes with an emphasis on making learning fun. He continues to inspire the next generation of performers as a dedicated acting coach.

Travel Expert

World Wanderer

With over 40 countries explored and counting, Cody Easterbrook is an extreme globe-trotter and an independent travel expert. His travel webisodes have garnered the attention of thousands across media platforms and he holds the distinction of being selected as one of the top five travelers around the world.

Cody Easterbrook backpacking through Patagonia
Cody Easterbrook reporting

On-Air Host & Correspondent

Having earned a degree in Communications, Cody is an accomplished on-air host, correspondent and reporter. Cody brings his reports, interviews, and television segments to life with his characteristic high energy and vivacious spirit.

Artist & Designer

Visual Virtuoso

Known for his whimsical style and use of bright colors, Cody captures the vibrancy of life on camera, canvas, homes, landscapes and graphic design. He is an award-winning artist, celebrated designer, and a published photographer.  His art has graced the pages of publications, galleries and multimedia platforms. With his innate aesthetic skills, Cody takes any project from drab to fab.

Cody Easterbrook Artist, designer, photographer
Cody Easterbrook is the food guru

Food Guru

Cody Easterbrook eats his way around the world one plate at a time, dishing about the dishes along the way.  As the official food reviewer for 'The Need Series' his quirky personality and candid assessments give him the honor of being the 'Food Guru.'

Adrenaline Junkie

Thrill Seeker

From zip-lining to skydiving, shark diving to kayaking, Cody is an adrenaline junkie who's always on the hunt for his next big adventure.

Cody Easterbrook adventurer on the ziplines
Cody Easterbrook on the Price Is Right gameshow
Classic Contestant

Come on Down!

When Cody Easterbrook was called to 'come on down' on the gameshow, The Price is Right, he not only created mayhem on set but, host Bob Barker, described him as "one of the greatest plinko players we've ever had on this show."

Voice-Over        Artist

Vocal Artistry 

Cody is a seasoned voice-over artist who masterfully brings scripts to life. From campy to conversational, confident to comedic, he presents a wide vocal range and a wealth of experience behind the microphone.

Cody Easterbrook Style Coach and fashion expert
Style Coach

Style & Image Expert

Lending his expertise as a pageant judge and personal stylist, Cody Easterbrook helps clients perfect their personal branding and define their image to look and feel their best—no matter the budget. 

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