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Cody reprises role of Captain Kaleo 

Nov, 2016


Cody Easterbrook reprises his role as Captain Kaelo for the Asia Pacific Airline Symposium, this year. The character hearkens back to the golden age of aviation when the first seaplanes journeyed to Hawaii.


At the annual airline symposium, Captain Kaleo will host attendees and make live appearances at the event. Cody is honored to reprise this classic character, which made it's debut in 2015.

Cody Easterbrook as 'Captain Kaleo'  will host attendees of the Asia Pacific Airline Symposium in Kona, Hawaii (Pictured with Director Tom Schneider)
Capn Kaleo


Cody joins Campaign to be the CW Star

Oct, 2016


It's election season and Cody Easterbrook is in the race to become Hawaii's CW star. One lucky individual will join the KHON team as the on air and online personality for one year on Hawaii’s CW and Living808. In this campaign ad, candidate Cody invites you to lay down a vote for #TeamCody


"Beyond my witty banter, infectious personality and lifetime of experience in front of the camera, I still keep it real. It’s easy to get showy or rehearsed but I am 100% always me and viewers will love that connection. I’m a story-teller, I’m naturally curious and I take genuine interest."


Candidate Cody invites you join the campaign and get the vote out to support his bid to become Hawaii's CW Star. #TeamCody      VOTE HERE
CW vote

On Air

Cody stars in Horror Film for CW Network

Oct, 2016


Cody Easterbrook is in the running to be the CW network star. Having been named to the top 10 among thousands of contestants, Cody is now vying for the top 5 with this latest contest entry.


All participants were given just one day to create a short horror film so naturally, Cody experimented with the torment and torture of being haunted by the number 5.


This playful parody of current horror flicks and classic films from the scary movie genre garnered much praise and attention. The one day collaboration was quite a feat of cinematography and a creative concept that played well off the contest theme.

Actor, Cody Easterbrook and cinematographer, Kuulei Akina bring the comedy spoof 'Top 5' to the screen featuring a man haunted by a number, The trailer will air this week on the CW Network.

CW Horror


Cody becomes 'The Flash' for CW promotion

Oct, 2016


The search for the CW Network star continues, and Cody Easterbrook was named to the top 10  shortlist for his super human promotion of the show, 'The Flash' which airs on The CW network.


Given one day and their own pick of CW shows, the contestants were to create a quick and polished advertisement for a prime time CW network television show.

Donning his mask and muscles, Cody took to the streets to film his one of a kind promo, which landed him a spot in the top 5 position to becoming the next CW Star.

Cody Easterbrook becomes 'The Flash' and takes to the streets surprising real people to promote the new CW prime-time hit show.

CW Flash

On Location

Cody stars in Meadow Gold commercial

Oct, 2016


It's not every day you stumble upon a milk waterfall, but nothing is impossible in the latest imaginative ad for Meadow Gold dairy featuring Cody Easterbrook. The commercial, filmed on location at Waimea Valley, follows a family hike with a chance encounter that leads to a wondrous free flowing waterfall of milk - a milk fall! The commercial will soon be airing in the Hawaii market.


650 AM

Meadow Gold Campaign I Milk Waterfall I Dir: Jason Lent

Milk Waterfall


Cody makes Top 20:

Video posted from Maui

Sep 2016

In his quest for the CW Star, Cody Easterbrook is one step closer having been named to the Top 20 in the competition. Cody received word while filming on location in Maui and filed the vlog above.

CW 20

In Production

Cody cast as series lead in 'SWELL'

Aug, 2016


Cody Easterbrook has been cast as a series lead  in the Blinn Entertainment series entitled, "SWELL" which is being produced for Here TV. 


In the series, Cody portrays Brett, a successful family man and a powerful investigator for the district attorney’s office. Brett knows the ins and outs of every situation,  that is until he meets Swell. The emotional dilemma that is borne out of this encounter leaves the level headed father, husband and professional torn between doing what is right and giving into the overwhelming feelings that haunt him. Plagued by his passion, Brett, who is always in control, suddenly finds himself treading into new and emotionally uncharted territory.


Production stills from "SWELL" starring Cody Easterbrook & Eric Colton,

    One of the finest actors I have had the good fortune to work with, Cody is professional and charismatic and his performances are authentic and compelling. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him under any circumstance."

Branden Blinn

Film Director  'SWELL'


Just  Wrapped

Cody cast in Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union Spot

Jul, 2016

Cody Easterbrook has booked another commercial and this one is for Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union. This latest spot combines a stop motion photography effect with on screen animation. Cody and co-star relied heavily on their acting chops to truly bring this playful commercial to life. 


"I have worked with Cody on several projects and I can truly say that he is amazing," said James Sereno of Kinetic Productions, who directed the ad. "Not only is he always ready and focused but he brings a passion and commitment that is refreshing."


650 AM

Hawaii Pacific FCU Campaign I Dir: James Sereno

Aloha Couple
Shine 16

Event Update

Cody Easterbrook hosts

 SHINE! Celebration

Cody Easterbrook was the emcee for the annual Project SHINE! Celebration (pictured with Heidi Fowler).

Jun, 2016


Cody Easterbrook was the emcee for a night food, fashion and live music for the annual SHINE! Celebration on June 25, at M Nightclub. Celebrity glam fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue puts on the annual event and this year  guests enjoyed entertainment from the likes of Duncan Kamakana from The Voice, Roy Ebalaroza and Phil Crown. Cody Mafatu Easterbrook served as emcees for the evening, which also featured a silent auction with more than $10,000 in prizes. The highlight of event was a fashion show preview of his fall fashion line, presented by Project Runway all-star Kini Zamora.

For years, Russell Tanoue has hosted this extravagant birthday celebration that also gives back to the community. Tickets proceeds support Tanoue’s Project Shine Hawai‘i — a program that gives free makeovers and photo sessions to victims of abuse, at-risk teens, and individuals afflicted with cancer or other ailments. Cody Easterbrook said, "It was an honor to be a part of such an incredibly fun event that also gives back to the community."

Cody Easterbrook mans the mic for the 2016 Project SHINE! Celebration. The annual event is thrown by famed fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue, pictured right,

with the attendees.

On Air

Cody's Appearance on 'Living808'

Jun, 2016

Cody Easterbrook appeared on Living808, Hawaii's lifestyle show that showcases all the happenings around the 808 state.  He was on air with a fashion preview promoting the upcoming project SHINE event that he is hosting this year for celebrity fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue. 


On the air, Cody discussed his role as emcee for the upcoming charity even and Russell Tanoue's the founder of Project Shine Hawaii. The charity aims to uplift and empower individuals with make-over photo shoots for cancer survivors, those afflicted with disease, victims of abuse and at-risk teens. The event combines two purposes, to raise funds for the organization and to celebrate Tanoue's birthday.

The Living808 segment also feature a fashion preview from Valerie Joseph, Le Tarte Swimwear and from Project Runway all-star, Kini Zamora, who also provided the fashion that Cody Easterbrook wore on air.


Living808 airs from 8-9am on KHON2 and from 4-5pm on Hawaii's CW

808 Fashion

In Production

Cody cast in Amy Schumer Film

Jun, 2016

Cody Easterbrook has booked a role alongside Amy Schumer in the film 'Snatched' directed by Jonathan Levine that will be hitting theaters next summer.


Snatched is the story of Emily Middleton played by Amy Schumer, who persuades her cautious mother, Linda, (Goldie Hawn) to accompany her on an exotic getaway to South America. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda must soon work through their differences to escape from a wildly outrageous and dangerous jungle adventure.

Cody Easterbrook plays the role of Emily's Colombian coworker at the New York cafe where she works. Cody relied heavily on his improv skills acting in his scene with Schumer as they both went off script. The hilarious improvised hilarious scen was well received by director Jonathan Levine


650 AM

'Snatched' starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn 

Cody Easterbrook on set of 'Snatched' with director, Jonathan Levine.

Amy Schumer

Just Wrapped

Cody in Oceanic Commercial


Jun 16

A behind the scenes look from the set of Cody's latest spot for Oceanic Internet.


Event Update

Premiere screening of "Lightness of Time" film

Jun, 2016

It was a packed house for the premier screening of "The Lightness of Time," the story of Appster, the host of a his viral app review show who stumbles upon the ability of 'Time Travel.' The short film directed by T'altosh A'lmos  stars Cody Easterbrook and Darcie Mayo. 



Cody plays the role of the self-taught techie who is not only outgoing and charismatic but also isn't afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to his feelings towards Anne, played by Mayo. She is the renowned hacker and Appster's one true love.  When a chance encounter with her places him face to face with the one who got away Appster discovers the technology that might win her back. Can he use the ability of micro time-travel to capture her heart before the government shuts the operation down. 

Cody Easterbrook, director, Ta'ltosh & costar, Darcie Mayo attend the premier screening of "The Lightness of Time" at the Hawaii Film Collective

Play Film below
Lightness Premiere

On Air

Cody's appearance in 'The Oversharer' short 

Jun, 2016

Cody Easterbrook appears alongside Darcie Mayo in the digital short, 'The Oversharer.' Directed by Jay Hernandez, this dark comedy follows Jaime and her husband Phil at a funeral where the emotional pregnant wife suffers from a bout of TMI - too much information.


Her polar opposite and happy go-lucky husband attempts to temper her irrational nerves as she barrels out of control in a very public meltdown. When the best funeral food ever is sent flying, this brooding comedy reveals a wife on edge and a husband struggling to keep her from falling apart. 

Cody Easterbrook, on the set of 'The Oversharer' with costar, Darcie Mayo.
'The Oversharer'


Cody stars in 'Amber Drive'


Jun 2016


Cody Easterbrook was cast in 'Amber Drive' directed by Josh Almario. Shooting the entire short in one night, he interrupted a take with a snore only once during the making of this tumultuous drama with a twist. 

Amber Drive

Just Wrapped

Cody books Tommy Bahama Campaign

Jun 16 I Waikiki 

Shot on location at the Modern, Waikiki.

Tommy Bahama

Event Update

United Way Women United

May, 2016


Cody Easterbrook will be on hand once again for the annual Aloha United Way's Women United event held this Saturday at the Royal Hawaiian.  Once a year, Hawaii's powerful and prolific women gather for the ultimate girls days out, it's the annual Chocolate, Champagne and Couture for a Cause event. And every year Cody and crew don their tuxes and provide some eye candy as they serve the ladies.

Chocolate, Champagne and Couture For a Cause will feature delectable chocolates, delicious eats, champagne, a spring fashion show, and relaxing massages. There will also be lavish prize packages and silent and live auctions. All proceeds benefit the hundreds of nonprofits AUW supports throughout the year. Over the past few years, the event has raised over $50,000 to support partner agencies in our local community, representing a wide variety of issue areas, from homelessness to children with illness. The most important thing Aloha United Way does for the community is to encourage individuals from all walks of life to join together to create hope and change the landscape of our community for the better.


650 AM

Women United 16

Just Wrapped

Cody cast as series lead in 'False Advertising'

May, 2016


Cody Easterbrook has been cast as the series lead  in "False Advertising," the story of John Reed, a successful ad man who lives the perfect life. That is, until an an unexpected visitor instantly enters the picture. He quickly discovers that sometimes, big things come in little packages. 

Production has begun with Cody Easterbrook playing John Reed, the fast-talking, no nonsense, successful ad man and powerful CEO of his own agency. He  lives in the ultimate bachelor penthouse, is dating any guy's dream girl, and living the quintessential perfect life. That is, until a an unexpected visitor appears at his doorstep. The daughter he never knew he even had  is thrust into his life, changing everything he's ever known. 


Cody Easterbrook and Jodie Kiyokawa star in 'False Advertising' coming Fall 2017.

Production stills from "False Advertising" starring Cody Easterbrook 
False Ad


Cody stars in hilarious 

Ford Commercial

May, 2016


In his latest commercial for Ford, Cody displays a myriad of emotions as he playful discovers the joys of remote tailgate release. It's all fun and games until you get caught red handed!


Ford Campaign I 'Get Your Own Ford' I Dir: Nick Porreca

Get your own Ford

In Production

Cody partners with LCC and Director, Gary Shimokawa

Apr, 2016

Cody Easterbrook has partnered with Leeward Community College in their, Directing Actors for the Studio course, volunteering his acting talents.


The course  provides an in-depth exploration of the creative capabilities (technical, logistical, aesthetic) of directing and producing narrative-based studio production work in a multiple camera television studio. Under the direction of Emmy nominated director Gary Shimokawa who is a Directors Guild of America award winner his accomplishments in television.

Shimokawa has more than three decades of industry experience, with credentials that include work on All in the Family, Golden Girls, Sesame Street, Saved by the Bell, Laverne and Shirley, Good Times, Welcome Back Kotter and more.


650 AM

The Rabbits Foot I Dir: Elisha Qalo / Gary Shimokawa


In Production

Cody cast as series lead in 'Star-Crossed'

Apr, 2016

Production has begun on "Star-Crossed" being filmed on location in Maui with Cody Easterbrook as the series lead. Cody brings to life the character Kekoa, a local activist and leader of the organic movement on Maui. As an indigenous environmental activist, he calls for the island to take action against the large GMO corporations  that are destroying the 'aina or land.


His world is turned upside-down however, when he meets and falls for Lily. When he learns that she is a GMO seed producer, their two worlds collide in the most unexpected way.

Cody Easterbrook on the set of 'Star-Crossed' a genetically modified love story of epic proportions
Star Crossed


Cody honored among list of influentials from Ko'olauloa

Mar, 2016

Cody Mafatu Easterbrook has been named among the list of influential individuals who have roots in the Ko’olauloa region of Hawai’i.


The illustrious list includes famous musicians, pro surfers and football stars, prominent politicians, olympic athletes, beauty queens and celebrated entertainers of stage, television and films.


This long list of  distinguished honorees with ties to the Ko’olaula community, are well known and respected for their achievements in their respective fields.

The acclaimed list complied by La’ie Voice, states, “These men and women from our community have defied the norm and have gone on to achieve great things. Through their persistence, hard work, and dedication, they have influenced the lives of many in our community and throughout the world. They have placed our community of the world map..” 

Actor and television hosts, Cody Easterbrook  of La'ie says he is humbled to be included among such greats.


650 AM

Koolau influentials

Event Update

Cody hosts Galia Lahav Fashion Show Gala

Mar, 2016


MAGNOLIA WHITE couture bridal salon celebrated their opening with a Fashion Gala featuring the designs of Galia Lahav. This exclusive event held on March 25th, 2016 at 53 by the Sea was hosted by Cody Easterbrook.

Designs by Galia Lahav were introduced and celebrated in style with a preview fashion show and a formal four course dinner. The fashion show took place with a red carpet welcome from Easterbrook, who introduced the extravagant fashion show that had models walking through the doors of the palatial 53 by the Sea, and ascending its marble staircase.


Lahav is a world-renowned designer with over 30 years of establishment in haute couture. She is considered to be one of world’s leading designers customizing lavish gowns for high profile celebrities with dresses  worn by Serena WilliamsMeghan Trainor, Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lopez.

As her name is recognized worldwide, Galia Lahav always remains true to her origins as a designer showcasing romantic and dramatic elements through each captivating gown.


650 AM

Galia Lahav Fashion Show I MAGNOLIA WHITE Gala I Host: Cody Easterbrook

Galia Lahav

On Location

Cody books Dongbu 

Insurance Commercial

Feb, 2016


In his latest national campaign for Dongbu Insurance, Cody shot on location in the jungles of Oahu and the popular Tantalus scenic lookout overlooking Honolulu and Waikiki.


Dongbu Insurance Campaign I 'Promise' 


In Production

Cody shoots on location in Kauai for Claritin

Feb, 2016

Cody Easterbrook can enjoy life again free from the haze of allergies thanks to Claritin. The recent shoot for allergy medication, Claritin was shot on location along the Hanalei river in picturesque Kauai.


Cody was whisked away to the garden isle where production took place, with breathtaking shots of Cody kayaking up stream in the lush Hanalei valley. 


Wearing a lifejacket while being towed by the production boat, Cody joked that he was the most overly cautious kayaker on the river that day. 

He did draw some stares as he delivered his lines to camera and kayaked out of scene. With sweeping drone shots, and testimonials, the spot boasts the ability of Claritin users to live life to the fullest free from allergies.  The spot airs nationwide soon.


Hwn Telcom


Cody books Hawaiian 

Telcom Commercial

Jan, 2016


With Cody Easterbrook booking countless commercials, one could begin to worry about his face over-saturating the local market. Never fear, in his latest commercial spot for Hawaiian Telcom, Cody's identity is hidden behind a pixelated blur. Feeling ashamed that he hasn't switched from  his old tv provider yet is the premise for this Hawaiian Telcom commercial starring alongside their spokesperson. Check it out below.

Hawaiian Telcom Campaign I 'Pixelated' 

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