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Cody Easterbrook guest stars on 'Hawaii Five-0'


Cody Easterbrook guest stars on season five of Hawaii 5-0 as Luke Pakele, the bull-riding Hawaiian cowboy with a rap sheet.  


This week’s Hawaii Five-O was directed by Bryan Spicer and marks the first episode to be filmed on Hawaii Island.


In the episode, the team is off to the Big Island to solve a cowboy’s murder. Luke Pakele, played by Cody Easterbrook is the prime suspect and his taken down and hogtied after giving chase to members of the elite police task force played by Grace Park and Scott Caan.

The episide of Five-O was shot at some the island’s most unique locations, including the remote Kalapana Gardens. About 120 houses there were wiped out by lava flows in the early 1990s and the area was covered in about 50 feet of lava.

In more recent years, about 40 houses popped up, scattered over the lava. Kalapana Gardens residents were excited to host such a big production in their neighborhood, Big Island Film Commissioner T. Ilihia Gionson said.


Cody Eastebrook as Luke Pakele I 'Hawaii Five-0' I Episode 509: Ke Koho Mamao Aku

VIP Events

Cody Easterbrook attends Queen's Royal Ascot



Cody Easterbrook was a guest of the Queen inside the Royal Enclosure for opening day of  Royal Ascot. Easterbrook accompanied presenter, Anneka Tanaka-Svenska for the famed horse race that the Royal Family attends every year at Ascot Racecourse on June 17, 2014 in Ascot, England.

Like most traditional British formal events The Royal Ascot has a pretty strict dress code. ​The rules for dressing in the exclusive event vary depending on which enclosure attendees are visiting: the exclusive Royal Enclosure tends to have the strictest dress code.


Royal Enclosure dress code says 'Gentleman' must wear black or grey morning dress with a waist coat and tie. The rules also state that "hats should be worn," but those decrees don't exactly affect the loudness or the taste level of the hats that ladies wear.

The posh annual event is known for it's garish over-the-top hats and Anneka is always prolific among attendees for her designer hats. 


Today the Royal Ascot is much more than

VIP Events

fashion shoe.png

Cody Easterbrook in Versace debut


Cody Easterbrook was on hand as an official event ambassador representing Versace for the Italian luxury designer brand's premier at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. 


Versace celebrated the opening of the brand's new flagship store in Honolulu, at the state's largest shopping center, with an exclusive high-end event featuring fashion, models as living mannequins, and special appearances, including Cody Easterbrook.

The new Versace store was conceived by  Donatella Versace and the English architect Jamie Fobert, reflecting the new global retail concept of the brand. The new Versace store features ready to wear, shoes, handbags and small accessories for both men and women.

Versace designs, manufactures, distributes and retails high-end fashion and lifestyle products, including jewelry, watches, eyewear, fragrances and home furnishings.

The Milan-based company, which has its U.S. headquarters based in New York, was founded by the late Gianni Versace in 1978.




Cody hosts the 

2014 Pele Awards


On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Cody Easterbrook took the stage as host of the 2014 Pele Awards. The entertainer wowed audiences as the Ring Master of ceremonies for the prestigious event which honors the best in Hawaii's Advertising and Design community.

The American Advertising Awards (also known as the ADDYs) is the advertising industry’s largest competition. The Pele Awards is one of fifteen National District Competitions for American Advertising Awards.  It’s designed to recognize excellence in Advertising and Design in the State of Hawaii for the past calendar year.

The  annual Pele Awards were held at the Royal Hawaiian featuring a circus themed Broadway spectacular with singing, dancing and host, Cody Easterbrook as the ultimate showman. 


The extravagant event was orchestrated under the direction of lead creative agency, James Sereno of KINETIC PRODUCTIONS, INC.  With the circus life of advertising as the theme, attendees were treated to a magical night under the big top as the best of the best came together to pay homage to the fine work of the industries top creative talent.


Coming soon

Cody Easterbrook makes appearance in 'Jurassic World'


Cody Easterbrook makes an appearance in Jurassic World, the Universal film starring Chris Pratt. The fourth installment in the "Jurassic Park" series about a prehistoric amusement park run amok was  filmed at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii.


The dino-attraction meltdown franchise has been renewed and upgraded for a fourth movie. Once again, the prehistoric creatures have bust their pen and they’re running riot.


Cody plays the role of Robert Chmiel a park construction foreman leading a crew working to keep the angry hybrid Dino in her cage. 'Jurassic World' starring Chris Pratt, opens June, 2015.


VIP Events

Cody dazzles at the Hermès Silk Ball 

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.57.17


Cody Easterbrook was the life of the party at the Hermès Silk Ball held at the Royal Hawaiian’s Monarch Room on March 28. 


A kaleidoscope of colors awaited guests at Hermès Bal de Soie (Silk Ball) held on the ocean-front lawn celebrating the global fashion house’s annual storytelling theme, “Metamorphosis.”


Dancers and guests were adorned in Hermes silk scarves and donned elaborate masks for the elaborate Masquerade ball featuring music, dancing and gourmet delectables. 

Party goers were entertained by a host of characters including  vogueing dancers including Cody Easterbrook who kept the attendees entertained with a lively participatory dance of silk scarves waving to the music.

Hermes is known globally for its high quality clothing, bags and of course silk scarves and they can throw an amazing VIP party. It was indeed a night of extravagance and elegance, magic and make-believe, finery, sequins and fantastical flashes of folly.


Actor, Model, Entertainer and Hermes ambassador, Cody Easterbrook attends the Silk Ball with fellow model, Angelo Bruno


On Location

Burger King debuts ad featuring Cody 


Fast-food giant, Burger King, rolled out a new ad showcasing the Whopper sandwich as a part of everyday island life. The commercial demonstrates how the Burger King brand resonates with Hawaii locals in everyday activities, including active recreation like the beach, yoga and even hiking. 


That’s where we find actor, Cody Easterbrook and his commercial cohort Merlinda Garma , taking in the sights along the ka iwi coast of Oahu on a hike. Of course the lovely television couple take a break from the views and sink their teeth into a juicy Whopper with its signature flame-grilled patty topped with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise, served on a sesame-seed bun. Is your mouth watering yet?


Cody explained that achieving that perfect shot of him sinking his teeth into the whopper sandwich, required quite a few whoppers. “But hey, nothing beats hiking and eating burgers while getting paid for it,” joked Easterbrook. 

Burger King - Island Life campaign I Harris Agency

VIP Events

Cody wows at H&M Premiere



Cody Easterbrook was among the VIP attendees at the H&M in-store  launch party celebrating the arrival of the  Swedish fashion retailer in Hawai'i.

The lavish gala was held at their Waikiki flagship store in the Waikiki Business Plaza on March 26 with invited guests being the first to preview  the store, walk the red carpet and celebrate with fashion shows, live music and work of local surf photographers.

Actor and model, Cody Easterbrook enjoyed the festivities along with fellow industry insiders including model, Angelo Bruno and the reigning Miss Hawaii, Crystal Lee among other distinguished VIP attendees. 

Actor, Model, Entertainer, Cody Easterbrook attends the VIP H&M Preview with fellow model, Angelo Bruno


On Location

Behind the Scenes

with Aloha Gas


It was a kiss that blew him away. In the latest Aloha Gas ad campaign starring Cody Easterbrook, special effects are used to sweep Cody off his feet. The commercial directed by Kinetic Production's James Sereno uses stop motion photography to achieve a unique effect. The spot for Aloha Gas is rare in that it features no cars just actors arriving in invisible vehicles. While Cody is ready to pump his gas, another patron, a beautiful island woman played by Kaiulani Carr, blows him a kiss that knocks him to the ground. The jaw dropping effect is achieved using a production assistant in a green suite guiding the actor in his fall to the ground. Using chroma key, the little green man is later removed frame by frame creating the unique stunt. The entire commercial was shot on location at an actual Aloha Gas station that remarkably remained open during the entire shoot.

'Aloha Gas - It's Magic' campaign I Kinetic Productions I Dir: James Serreno


Cody breast feeds baby in acclaimed commercial


Cody Easterbrook has been cast in a very unique ad campaign for Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition.  The TV advert, created by Kinetic Productions, was launched earlier this year and features a young father attempting to quiet his fussy baby after mom leaves the newborn in his care. The shirtless father, played by Cody Easterbrook, tries to amuse his little one until ultimately, much to his surprise, the baby stops crying and finds comfort in trying to nurse from his father. 


“I’d say you can’t write this stuff, but apparently someone did and they actually turned it into a commercial,” said actor, Cody Easterbrook. ‘When I read the script I didn’t actually believe this was real, I went on the audition to see if it was and I booked the part. The next thing I knew, I was breastfeeding a baby on TV.” The commercial directed by Jay Hanamura has received much acclaim by critics and viewers alike. ‘Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies’ is a nonprofit agency that is part of a network of organizations and individuals committed to improving maternal, child and family health.


'There is No Substitute for Mother's Milk' campaign I Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies I Kinetic Productions I Dir: Jay Hanamura


"It's a feeling unlike any other," boasts adventurer, Cody Easterbrook. "Sitting in the back of a modern day land rover, screaming as we were sent soaring up and over the vast expanse of ancient desert sand-dunes, then surging down the steep sides of those towering Arabian dunes, I watched the sand fly by my window and my stomach jumped with excitement as our driver seemingly defied gravity!" 


From camels to land rovers, times sure have changed in the desert. Yet, among the attractions of Abu Dhabi, any traveler will find the best of both the past and the present. At the Arabian Nights Village one can enjoy it all. A dune bashing adventure en route to an Arabian feast under the desert stars. 


Desert Dune-bashing

in Abu Dhabi

Around the World

Who could resist camels and dune bashing in the Arabian desert followed by a traditional feast along with some 'enchanting' entertainment.

News Flash

KHON 2 News interview with Cody from Abu Dhabi

JAN 27, 2014 | ABU DHABI

Cody Easterbrook says he has been preparing for this trip his whole life.

“Today, I am speaking to you all the way from Abu Dhabi,” Easterbrook said.

The world traveler is one of five people in the running to become Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer for a year with a hefty paycheck of $100,000.

“They’ve got me staying in a palace over here, so it’s not a bad place. I’ve ridden a camel, I’ve gone to watch the stars in the desert, I’ve played with falcons,” Easterbrook said.

Last summer, the Brigham Young University Hawaii graduate and teacher at Kahaluu Elementary school submitted an audition video to the travel website for what was being called the “Best Job in the World.” He was selected as one out of 50 people who made it to the semi-finals, and after online voting was the top vote getter with close to 27,000 votes, which propelled him to the final five.

The competition continues this week in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.

“We may be competing for the same job, but we are all like-minded travelers and kindred souls. It’s been great to travel to a new place with people who are just like you,” Easterbrook said.

The other four finalists — two girls and two guys. One Australian and three other Americans — are being judged based on how they interact and travel with each other.

“As a teacher at Kahaluu Elementary School, it has prepared me to be organized spontaneous and creative, which I think will be an asset to any world traveler,” Easterbrook said.

The part-time luau host at the Polynesian Cultural Center also says being from Hawaii and coming out on top with the most votes from the semi-finals gives him a little something extra.

“Giving me that boost that I need of confidence and sharing the aloha and I think that’s what we do best. A community is we share that aloha,” Easterbrook said.

The winner will be announced in New York on Thursday.

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