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On Location

Cody  wraps 40 episode run in Toronto

Dec 2017|Toronto - Big news coming out of Toronto: Cody Easterbrook has just completed filming 40 episodes on a major network television series. The exciting new show will debut Summer of 2018 but details will be coming soon! 

Water Like Fire Film

Cody wraps filming

'Water Like Fire' 

Just Wrapped

Nov 2017|Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook just finished filming his final scenes for the emotional drama 'Water Like Fire.' Director, Mitchel Viernes brings to life this brooding film that explores the harsh underbelly of life in Hawaii. The film is now in post production and will make its debut at festivals in 2018.

Event Update

Cody attends

ImagineNATIVE Film Festival

Oct 2017|Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook attends the The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, the world's largest Indigenous film and media arts festival, held annually in Toronto. Cody was a guest of Beau Basset, producer of the film, “Out Of State” which follows two career criminals, shipped thousands of miles away from their homes in Hawaii to a private prison in the Arizona desert.

ImagineNative Film Fest

Event Update

Cody makes appearance at

Burbank International Film Festival

Sep 2017|Burbank

Cody Easterbrook makes an appearance at the Closing Night Gala and Awards show that concludes the 9th annual Burbank International Film Festival, held in Burbank, California. 

Burbank Film Fest

Easterbrook home destroyed by Hurricane Harvey

Sep 2017|Houston


With so many affected by recent disasters, it's inevitable that some hit close to home. When hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas coast, the Easterbrook home was among those destroyed by the inundating flood waters. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, actor and television star, Cody Easterbrook returned to what was left of his families' home in Friendswood, TX. The harrowing scene was one that will stay with him forever.


Among the rubble Cody came across a happy smiling photo of his parents. "This happy memory seemed so out of place amid all the destruction," he conceded. "I'm just so thankful that this happy couple was safe!"


In the days following the disaster, Cody worked 12-14 hour days trying to salvage cherished keepsakes, rescue important documents from soggy clumps of paper while simultaneously mucking out and drying the house that had to be stripped down to studs with the help of tireless crews of volunteers.

"In the wake of a tragedy, heaven sends its finest angels," explained Cody. "They came and conquered the unthinkable task of literally carrying the heavy burden of recovering from Hurricane Harvey. My words cannot express the gratitude in my heart for what they've done for my family. Amid the chaos there were those who offered meals and rides, washed clothing, hauled soggy carpet and tore down wet drywall. To all the volunteers who gave so selflessly, thank you so very much."

Cody promised that his family will make this house a home again. To help in the effort to rebuild, follow the link below.

How Hurricane Harvey destroyed our home
Huricane Harvey

Aug 2017|Honolulu


Cody Easterbrook once again hosted the 20th annual Russell Tanoue SHINE! Celebration on Aug. 19, at Wisp at Lotus Hotel. Guests enjoyed entertainment from the likes of Kukahi, Ginai Hill, Roy Ebalaroza and Phil Crown. Cody Mafatu Easterbrook and Trini Kaopuiki from Living 808 served as emcees for the evening, which also featured food, a fashion show, and a silent auction with more than $10,000 in prizes.

For twenty years now, celebrity glam fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue has hosted this extravagant birthday celebration that also gives back to the community. Ticket proceeds support Tanoue’s Project Shine Hawai‘i — a program that gives free makeovers and photo sessions to victims of abuse, at-risk teens, and individuals afflicted with cancer or other ailments. More specifically, funds from this year’s event will be used for an anti-bullying campaign that will also feature Cody Easterbrook.

Cody Easterbrook hosts

20th Annual SHINE! Celebration

Cody Easterbrook once again emcee of Russell Tanoue's annual Project SHINE! Celebration (pictured with Heidi Fowler and Russell Tanoue).

Cody Easterbrook mans the mic for the 2017 Project SHINE! Celebration. The annual charity event and birthday bash is thrown by famed fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue, pictured right,

with the attendees.

           Over the past several years, I've had the pleasure of having the talented actor, Cody Mafatu Easterbrook, emcee my annual birthday charity events. His incredible talent of executing my vision is impressive and always on point, with or without a scrip. He has the ability to command a packed room of hundreds and he creates an energy that captivates everyone. Look no further, there's only ONE emcee/host I trust, and that's Mr. Easterbrook." 

Russell Tanoue

Celebrity Glam Photographer | Event Producer

Project SHINE 2017

Event Update

Cody makes appearance  at

Rainbow Film Festival: 

Aug 2017|Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook works the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival with Broadway star and viral singer/songwriter Todrick Hall along with festival director/casting director Brent Anbe.

Rainbow Film Fest

On Air

Cody's upcoming

'Living808' Appearance

Aug 2017|Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook will be appearing on Living808, Hawaii's lifestyle show that showcases all the happenings around the 808 state.  He will be promoting the upcoming project SHINE event that he is co-hosting with Trini Kaopuiki. This is Cody's second year hosting the event for celebrity fashion photographer Russell Tanoue. 


On air, this Tuesday, Cody will also be discussing his role in the upcoming anti-bullying and cyberbullying awareness campaign. Russell Tanoue's Project Shine Hawaii is a charity that aims to uplift and empower individuals. Shine will be  collaborating with Easterbrook and other celebrities and public figures to produce print media and PSAs to create awareness of the growing issue of bullying.

Living808 will also feature Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner, Kūkahi, who will be headlining the big event held this saturday night.

Tune-in to Living808 Tuesday from 8-9am on KHON2 and from 4-5pm on Hawaii's CW

Living 808
KPRP Radio interview

On air

   Cody Takes to the Air-waves

Aug 17 I Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook stops by KPRP studios for his live interview with Sonny Aloha Miller.

Making Airwaves

Tune-in for live radio interview with Cody 

Aug 1, 2017|Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook will be interviewed tonight at 6pm by radio host, Sunny Aloha Miller, for Honolulu's KPRP 650 AM Multi-Cultural Hawaii Radio Station. The interview will be broadcast live statewide, and streaming globally at www.ustream/tv Pinoy Power Radio.

Cody will be discussing important hot button issues including his upcoming anti-bullying and cyberbullying awareness campaign that he is collaborating with celebrity fashion photographer Russell Tanoue.

Russell Tanoue's Project Shine Hawaii is a charity that aims to uplift and empower individuals. Shine will be  collaborating with Easterbrook and other celebrities and public figures to produce print media and PSAs to create awareness of the growing issue of bullying.


650 AM

On Air

Jul 2017|Honolulu

Cody Easterbrook recently sat down for an interview with Career Changers TV and offered his sage advice on the acting industry and shared his personal tips on how to make it in such a difficult field.

As of late, Cody is having a bit of moment. It seems that every time you turn on the TV he's in another commercial or landed another role in films and television. Career Changers TV show thought he was the perfect fit to offer up his expertise on the acting arena.

Cody's interview and segment focuses on his humble beginnings as a teenage boy creating imaginative short films with the neighborhood kids, to segueing his love of acting into a career as an adult.

He jokes that now he gets paid to play pretend. Cody's positive and upbeat look at the acting industry is now airing on Career Changers TV on Spectrum OC 16.


Cody Easterbrook featured

on Career Changers TV

Cody Easterbrook reveals the many faces of a multifaceted actor in his in-depth interview for "Career Changers TV"

Play Segment Below

Cody Easterbrook on Career Changers TV, a show that features inspiring stories about local residents who have changed occupations for the better or individuals who help others change their lives by changing their career.

Career Changers TV

Coming Soon

False Advertising:


John Reed is a successful ad man who lives the perfect life. That is, until an an unexpected visitor instantly enters the picture. John quickly discovers that sometimes, big things come in little packages. Cody Easterbrook and Jodie Kiyokawa star in 'False Advertising' coming Fall 2017.

False Ad Premiere


Jun 2017|Honolulu


It’s a surreal feeling watching yourself on the big screen. There's nothing natural about staring at your face expanded to vast proportions and hearing your voice echo through the theater. It’s weird. But thankfully, good filmmaking helps that feeling subside as I was quickly drawn into the story that I knew all too well. 


Yes, I had memorized my lines, and delivered them, take after take, as I acted out these scenes, but now I was witnessing it all with new eyes. The complete narrative had been carefully pieced together and I finally saw myself as the audience saw me. This was the private screening of the long awaited pilot entitled, “False Advertising.”


On a quiet evening this past weekend, a select group of actors, filmmakers and crew, along with family and friends, we all gathered into a spacious theater for the private invite-only screening. It was so interesting to actually hear the audience response and to see them pick-up on the subtle cues and nuances of the production. My character is a little rough around the edges and I even caught myself cringe at times watching my character navigate his circumstances. 


As the credits began to roll and the audience applauded their approval, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted the story to go on. We only filmed the pilot, just the first episode of many we hope. But it definitely left me wanting more. Many of those viewers expressed that same sentiment. 


The lights came up and my costar Jodie Kiyokawa and I were invited to the stage, along with our talented director, Nick Porreca, for the Q&A. We shared some insight behind the casting, the production process, and a bit of our behind-the-scenes perspective.


There were late night shoots, long days in a hot car shoots, and since my costar was 12 at the time, the use of snapchat played heavily in keeping us entertained between takes. It was a long road coming here, but after the many hours, and hard work, seeing the completed production on the big screen was indeed satisfying. Now, the producers will shop it around and one can only hope this pilot get picked up and we can tell the rest of the story.

Cody Easterbrook

Premier Screening of 

'False Advertising'

Cody Easterbrook, co-star Jodie Kiyokawa on set (Top) Easterbrook, Kiyokawa and director, Nick Porreca  field questions at the panel discussion after the debut screening (Middle) Production still from 'False Advertising" (Left)

    Having​ ​directed​ ​him​ ​in​​ ​various productions, I​ ​have​ ​the​ ​utmost​ ​confidence​ ​in​ ​Cody​'s​ ​acting​ ​ability. He ​is​ ​prepared,​ ​yet​ ​ready​ ​to​ ​improvise,​ ​and very​ ​easy​ ​to​ ​direct. ​I highly​ ​recommend​ ​him as​ ​a​ ​talent.

J. Nick Porreca

Director, Bolt Blue Media

Coming Soon

New face of 'Maui Jim' national ad campaign

Jun 2017|Honolulu


Sunglasses brand Maui Jim has cast Cody Easterbrook for their current print campaign and national commercial ad campaign. The intent of the campaign is to demonstrate the brilliant colors and the exquisite detail one can observe all around while wearing Maui Jim sunglasses.

The shoots took place over a couple of weeks at various locations including at a beachside cafe, on the golf course, the tennis court, a luxurious hotel and scenic lookouts.

David Stotz, Senior Creative Director said, “This campaign is designed to focus on what Maui Jim sunglasses does best, showing you a bright colorful world through our superior polarized lens technology. The viewer is invited to be taken to that moment, in that place, and with them, share all the color, clarity and detail.”

The campaign, which is aimed at high-income 25-54 year olds, communicates the functional elegance of Maui Jim premium polarized sunglasses that provide superior color, clarity and detail to the wearers.

The Maui Jim brand uses stunning imagery from Maui Jim’s proud birthplace of Hawaii and Cody Easterbrook is one of the actors and models featured in the campaign.


Cody Easterbrook on set with the Maui Jim brand with uses stunning imagery from it's proud birthplace of Hawaii

Maui Jim Campaign

Just Wrapped

Cody cast as '10 Second Tom' in 50 First Kisses

May 2017|Honolulu


Cody Easterbrook just wrapped on the 50 First Kisses, a Japanese remake of 50 First Dates that was filmed in Hawaii. In the Sony Pictures production, Cody reprises the role of '10 Second Tom' the patient who lost part of his brain in a hunting accident resulting in a short-term memory that comically only lasts about ten seconds.

Keeping in character, Cody kept his Japanese costars laughing on set, repeatedly introducing himself over and over again. "Hi, I'm Tom!" "Hi, I'm Tom!" "Hi, I'm Tom!" According to director, Yûichi Fukuda, it was this charisma and comedy that earned Easterbrook his role in the film.

Cody not only arrived at the audition in character and in wardrobe, but when he walked into the casting he headed right up to the director and producers and, extending his hand, exclaiming, "Hi! I'm Tom." After heading down the line introducing himself to everyone present, his memory reset and he started it all over again. The producers loved it and the role was his.


50 First Kisses opens in theaters in Japan, December 2017.



650 AM

Cody Easterbrook with Masami Nagasawa, Yamada Takayuki and other co-stars on set

10 Second Tom

On Air

Cody Easterbrook teams up  with The Kidney Foundation

May 2017|Honolulu


Actor, Cody Easterbrook, has teamed up with the Kidney Foundation, volunteering his talents to help promote one of the many support programs they offer the community. The National Kidney Foundation is a major voluntary nonprofit health organization that is dedicated to prevention kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.

Kidney Foundation

On Air

Cody Easterbrook Partners with Hawaii Film Collective


May 2017|Honolulu


The Hawaii Film Collective has tapped actor Cody Easterbrook to help reimagine a scene from classic Hollywood cinema for their latest promotional shoot. HFC is a nonprofit, filmmakers collective, dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting independent film production in Hawaii. The reimagined scene places Cody into the directors chair quite literally, as he takes on the role of film director, Cecil B. De Mille in the classic film noir movie 'Sunset Avenue.' It is of course one of the most classic scenes of old Hollywood, the washed-up silent film star Norma teeters on the edge of madness as she descends the grand staircase with cameras rolling. She is ready for her close-up but is she ready to take direction? That is the question that plays out in this humorous parody starring Cody Easterbrook.  

Hawaii Film Collective

Event Update

United Way Women United

Apr 2017|Honolulu


Cody Easterbrook will be on hand once again for the annual Aloha United Way's Women United event held this Saturday at the Royal Hawaiian.  Once a year, Hawaii's powerful and prolific women gather for the ultimate girls days out, it's the annual Chocolate, Champagne and Couture for a Cause event. And every year Cody and crew don their tuxes and provide some eye candy as they serve the ladies.

Chocolate, Champagne and Couture For a Cause will feature delectable chocolates, delicious eats and champagne, a spring fashion show, and relaxing massages. There will also be lavish prize packages and silent and live auctions. All proceeds benefit the hundreds of nonprofits AUW supports throughout the year. Over the past few years, the event has raised over $50,000 to support partner agencies in our local community, representing a wide variety of issue areas, from homelessness to children with illness. The most important thing Aloha United Way does for the community is to encourage individuals from all walks of life to join together to create hope and change the landscape of our community for the better.


650 AM

United Way Event

Casting Update

Remington College

names Cody  Easterbrook as  spokesperson


Apr 2017|Honolulu


Remington College, the non-profit, fully accredited career training school which operates 16 campuses across the US states, has named Cody Easterbrook as their newest spokesperson. With their mantra: 'Real skills for the real world," the post-secondary educational institution focuses on the needs of students who are ready to make a change. Cody Easterbrook has recently began filming on a series of commercial advertisements shot on location at the Honolulu, Hawaii campus of Remington College. 


The recently launched campaign features Cody interviewing and interacting with students, teachers and recent graduates who have been prepared for the professional work force with the hands on training they received at Remington college. With classes in medical assisting, criminal justice, business administration, massage therapy, organizational management, and many more, viewers can expect to see a series of commercials featuring Remington college spokesperson, Cody Easterbrook.


Play Promo below
Remington Spokesman

In Production

Cody cast in film,

'Water Like Fire'

Mar 2017|Honolulu


Cody Easterbrook makes an appearance in Intertainment Studios feature film, "Water Like Fire" which is directed by up and coming cinematographer Mitchel Viernes. 


When her estranged, drug addicted brother Caleb ends up in the hospital after a hit-and-run, a young surfer named Chanel tries to make up for lost time. This gripping story stars Taiana Tully, Randal Galius Jr. and co-staring Cody Easterbrook.


On Air

Art imitates life in Island Insurance Commercial

Feb 2017|Honolulu


Sometimes art imitates life as is the case with Cody Easterbrook's latest ad campaign for Island Insurance. The commercial features a world traveler whose awesome adventures around the globe are made possible because of the money he saves with Island Insurance. Cody is cast as the traveler and it isn't a stretch as he is indeed a world traveler in real life as well. Director Ryan Kawamoto joked, "This role was made for Cody."

This is Easterbrook's second appearance in an Island Insurance commercial. He previously portrayed an announcer in the boxing ring, but this time Cody returns as an adventurer. It's no secret, he's been around the world a few times so Easterbook was completely at ease frolicking with penguins, running with the bulls, riding a camel, rock climbing or even sticking his head in a lion's mouth - all thanks to production magic, of course. The Island Insurance Traveler spot featuring Cody Easterbrook is currently airing in the Hawaii market.


650 AM

Island Insurance Spot I Kinetic Productions I Director, Ryan Kawamoto

Event Update

The Golden Globes

Jan 17 I Hollywood

It's award season in L.A. and Cody Easterbrook and recent costar Darcie Mayo attend the Golden Globes after party.

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