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Cody Mafatu Easterbrook is an actor, entertainer, television host,  world traveler and a social-media influencer with an infectious zeal for life. 


He is a passionate story-teller with genuine relatability that allows him to connect and engage with vast audiences and his over 100 thousand followers across social media and other platforms. 


Cody is currently the host of the Emmy-nominated competition series, The Big Fun Crafty Show for NBC’s Universal Kids Network. He is recognized for his big persona and comedic improv skills. 


Always one to tackle diverse roles, Cody has been cast in various prime time television shows, major motion pictures as well as appearing as the spokesman for numerous brands. 


Cody appeared as Luke Pakele, the bull riding cowboy, on Hawaii Five-0, Ramirez on ABC's Off The Map and most recently as Ten Second Tom in the Sony Pictures film, 50 First Kisses. He has acted alongside such greats as Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Amy Schumer . 


Cody is an accomplished on-air host, reporter and television personality. Having earned a degree in International Culture Studies and Communications, he got his start reporting on-air for KVIC channel 3 in Kauai. 


He has appeared on MTV, The Oprah Show, and Good Morning America earning multiple awards for excellence in broadcasting. Cody is known for the high energy and excitement that he bring to every appearance.


Never shy of the limelight, Cody continues to entertain live audiences nightly as the master of ceremonies at various lu’au, award shows, fashion shows and other lavish galas.


Easterbrook is also a world traveler and has explored dozens of countries, sharing his adventures in travel webisodes and engaging in voluntourism along the way. He documented his journey for audiences across media garnering the attention of thousands and he was recently noted as one of the top 5 travelers in the world .

Ever the adventurer, his hobbies include skydiving, paddle boarding, blogging, and photography. Cody currently splits time between his home in Hawaii, and LA and Toronto.

Cody Easterbrook 

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Cody Easterbook

     I have worked with Cody on several projects and I can truly say that he is amazing. Not only is he always ready and focused but he brings a passion and commitment that is refreshing."

     If you ever have a project and need a great actor, Cody won't disappoint!"

    One of the finest actors I have had the good fortune to work with, Cody is professional and charismatic and his performances are authentic and compelling. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him under any circumstance."

Branden Blinn

Film Director  'SWELL'

    Cody is incredibly talented. Really can't       say enough about how awesome he is!"

    Cody is the type of actor that every actor dreams of working with. Not only does he light up a room but he creates an atmosphere that allows every character to truly come to life."

Darcie Mayo


    Having​ ​directed​ ​him​ ​in​​ ​various productions, I​ ​have​ ​the​ ​utmost​ ​confidence​ ​in​ ​Cody​'s​ ​acting​ ​ability. He ​is​ ​prepared,​ ​yet​ ​ready​ ​to​ ​improvise,​ ​and very​ ​easy​ ​to​ ​direct. ​I highly​ ​recommend​ ​him as​ ​a​ ​talent.

J. Nick Porreca

Director, Bolt Blue Media

           His incredible talent of executing my vision is impressive and always on point, with or without a scrip. He has the ability to command a packed room of hundreds and he creates an energy that captivates everyone.  There's only ONE I trust, and that's Mr. Easterbrook." 

Russell Tanoue

Celebrity  Photographer | Event Producer

     Cody is a pleasure to work with - a true professional .... personable, engaging and charming."

Kim De Simone

Producer | Breakthrough Entertainment

It is a pleasure and an honor to work with Cody, he is every directors dream talent."

Roy Kimura

Director | Kinetic Productions

    "When he came to the audition, his character was already perfectly created, and furthermore his personality was just like one of my favorite actors in the world, Steve Martin. The role was his and I would love to work with Cody again."  

Yuichi Fukuda 

Director | '50 First Kisses' Sony Pictures


Amid his creative pursuits and education, Cody took a hiatus to perform humanitarian work abroad, serving the people of Bolivia.

Acting Coach

Cody is is a working actor, entertainer, television host  and acting coach.  He helps his clients achieve the most dynamic auditions and effectively prepares them to work in this ever-changing industry.

Cody's students receive one on one coaching, passionate training, and industry mentoring, in an environment that inspires measurable growth and sharpens acting skills.




Cody stars  as Captain Kaleo for Boeing

Oct, 2015


Cody Easterbrook has been cast as Captain Kaelo for the Boeing sponsored, Asia Pacific Airline Symposium. The character hearkens back to the golden age of aviation when Boeing pioneered the first seaplanes to Hawaii.


At the annual airline symposium, Captain Kaleo will not only welcome attendees but he will serve as host for the annual presentation.

Cody Easterbrook as 'Captain Kaleo'  will host attendees of the Asia Pacific Airline Symposium

Captain Kaleo I 'Asia Pacific Airlines Symposium' I Boeing



Cody Easterbrook books a co-starring role on the primetime CBS drama, Magnum P.I.

Magnum PI.png

Easterbrook has landed a co-starring role on the series playing T-LO, a flamboyant, sassy salon owner who is confronted my Detective Magnum. 

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