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"Undeniably charismatic, supremely entertaining, & utterly engaging"

   Whether he’s a dancer or emcee, he has a fun personality that easily influences employees and guests alike who enjoy his upbeat and friendly nature.

Delsa Moe, Vice President, The Polynesian Cultural Center 








Cody Mafatu Easterbrook is an actor, entertainer, television host,  world traveler and a social-media influencer with an infectious zeal for life. 


He is a passionate story-teller with genuine relatability that allows him to connect and engage with vast audiences and his over 100 thousand followers across social media and other platforms. 


Cody is currently the host of the Emmy-nominated competition series, The Big Fun Crafty Show for NBC’s Universal Kids Network. He is recognized for his big persona and comedic improv skills. 


Always one to tackle diverse roles, Cody has been cast in various prime time television shows, major motion pictures as well as appearing as the spokesman for numerous brands. 


Cody appeared as Luke Pakele, the bull riding cowboy, on Hawaii Five-0, Ramirez on ABC's Off The Map and most recently as Ten Second Tom in the Sony Pictures film, 50 First Kisses. He has acted alongside such greats as Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Amy Schumer . 


Cody is an accomplished on-air host, reporter and television personality. Having earned a degree in International Culture Studies and Communications, he got his start reporting on-air for KVIC channel 3 in Kauai. 


He has appeared on MTV, The Oprah Show, and Good Morning America earning multiple awards for excellence in broadcasting. Cody is known for the high energy and excitement that he bring to every appearance.


Never shy of the limelight, Cody continues to entertain live audiences nightly as the master of ceremonies at various lu’au, award shows, fashion shows and other lavish galas.


Easterbrook is also a world traveler and has explored dozens of countries, sharing his adventures in travel webisodes and engaging in voluntourism along the way. He documented his journey for audiences across media garnering the attention of thousands and he was recently noted as one of the top 5 travelers in the world .

Ever the adventurer, his hobbies include skydiving, paddle boarding, blogging, and photography. Cody currently splits time between his home in Hawaii, and LA and Toronto.

Cody   Easterbrook 

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I'm Cody


Hawaii Five-0 fans will recognize Cody as Luke Pakele the bull-riding Hawaiian cowboy with a rap sheet from season 5 of the hit CBS drama. It was on ABC's Off the Map, where he made his acting debut however. He played Ramirez, the young guard who comes to the rescue when a doctor passes out during surgery on the spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy.


Since emerging as a serious actor, Cody has appeared in over 50 film, television and commercial productions. Throughout his acting career he has worked with such Hollywood elite as Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper,  director, Cameron Crowe and Amy Schumer. 


“When I started the scene with Amy, we immediately went completely off script and began improving our entire scene,” Cody described, “When the director yelled cut, he came up to us and said, ‘I don’t know what that was, but I loved it! Can you do it again?”


A natural actor, Cody continues to challenge himself and hone his craft, taking on leading roles in films such as 50 First Kisses, False Advertising and the Here TV series, Swell. Cody recently wrapped on his guest star appearance as T-LO on Magnum P.I.  Cody has a number of major projects in the works. 

Cody Easterbrook on set

Demo Reel

Extended Reel

Actor Cody Easterbrook on television film set

One of his most memorable appearances is perhaps, as himself, winning big on

the classic game show

‘The Price is Right.’

Cody Easterbrook on The Price is Right gameshow

The Price is Right Appearance 



Cody Easterbrook began entertaining audiences at a very young age. After some coaxing, he was given his first camera by his parents when he was only 12 years old. As a boy he pioneered his own special effects and camera tricks with the home video camera and by middle school, Cody was producing imaginative short films with such titles as, ‘The Alien Hand,’ ‘Detective Fatso’ and ‘The Madagascar Monkey.’  As an adolescent, he possessed the rare ability to rope his neighborhood peers into costarring in his projects and organized large groups of friends to assist him in his creative vision. 


By high school, it was no surprise that Cody was hosting a daily cable show on the Mustang Cable Network. He filed superfluous reports with an uncanny knack for humor, wit and parody that earned him the Eubie Jr Award for excellence in broadcasting and reporting from Sam Houston State University. Being on-screen however, wasn’t the only place he found his success.


Cody served as his High school Drama Club President and brought to life many beloved characters. He took on the roles of Odysseus in Homer’s ‘the Odyssey,’ Orsino in Shakespeare's  ‘The Twelfth Night,’ and he proved he had a brain as the Scarecrow in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Cody kept audiences laughing with his sketch comedy skills and quick-thinking wit as a member of  the prestigious improv troupe, ‘Comedy Cabaret.’ Cody was honored to be awarded as best actor, all star cast, and even received a scholarship for his comedic performances in the musical ‘Crazy for You.’

  Growing up, Cody was always a character - quite literally.

Early Life

Early Life

Early Life
Cody Easterbrook - Anything Can Happen

Cody Easterbrook - Anything Can Happen

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My First Movie: Detective Fatso

My First Movie: Detective Fatso

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MSC News: Cody covers the Microwave Mishap

MSC News: Cody covers the Microwave Mishap

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MCS News: Cheerleader Cody takes us to the Homecoming Parade

MCS News: Cheerleader Cody takes us to the Homecoming Parade

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Cousin Cody Easterbrook host of Lu'au at the Polynesian Cultural Center
   Whether he’s a dancer or emcee, he has a fun personality that easily influences employees and guests alike who enjoy his upbeat and friendly nature.

Delsa Moe, Vice President, The Polynesian Cultural Center 

Polynesian Cultural Center Dancers Cody Mafatu Easterbrook
Cody Easterbrook host of the Pele Awards, American Advertising Federtion Hawaii
Performer / Host / Emcee



Cody holds a deep connection to his multicultural heritage which includes oceania. As he earned a B.A. degree in International Culture Studies & Communications from BYU-Hawaii, he began working as an entertainer at the renowned Polynesian Cultural Center.


He wowed audiences as a hula dancer, a Polynesian performer and an energetic Lu’au emcee, performing for thousands daily at Hawaii’s number one visitor attraction. His love of people, and infectious energy made him an instant hit with audiences. 


With his inviting smile and charismatic persona, he charmed hundreds nightly with impromptu performances. His quick wit and timing and natural ability to engage a crowd with participation quickly made him a master showman.


His time in the spotlight prepared him for a life on stage and in front of countless audiences. Cody has hosted private events for Disney, Boeing, and Toyota just to name a few.


Today Cody still takes to the stage hosting an array of events, from award and fashion shows to performing stand-up for the troops, and he still manages to host an occasional Lu’au from time to time as well. 

Cody Easterbrook polynesian cultural center
 An audience reads your energy, if you're not having fun, they're not having fun. For me, the most important thing, when you take that stage, is to have fun!
Cody Easterbrook