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Cody Easterbrook


Height: 5'10"           

Hair: Brown.        

Eyes: Brown.       

Local hire:

Los Angeles, CA

Honolulu, HI

New York, NY

Atlanta, GA

Vancouver, Canada

Toronto, Canada

U.S. & Canadian Citizenship

Passport/Willing to travel

Cody Easterbrook, actor, model, tv host
Cody Easterbrook production still

  His performances

are authentic and compelling."

Director, Brandon Blinn


What a directors says:

Not only is he always ready and focused but he brings a passion and commitment that is refreshing.
James Sereno

Director | Kinetic

     I have worked with Cody on several projects and I can truly say that he is amazing. Not only is he always ready and focused but he brings a passion and commitment that is refreshing.

James Sereno

Director | Kinetic

       He has the ability to command a packed room of hundreds and he creates an energy that captivates everyone. There's only ONE emcee I trust, and that's Mr. Easterbrook.

Russell Tanoue

Celebrity Photographer | Event Producer

    When he came to the audition, his character was already perfectly created, and furthermore his personality was just like one of my favorite actors in the world, Steve Martin. The role was his and I would love to work with Cody again.

Yuichi Fukuda 

Director | '50 First Kisses' | Sony Pictures

    Having​ ​directed​ ​him​ ​in​​ ​various productions, I​ ​have​ ​the​ ​utmost​ ​confidence​ ​in​ ​Cody​'s​ ​acting​ ​ability. He ​is​ ​prepared,​ ​yet​ ​ready​ ​to​ ​improvise,​ ​and very​ ​easy​ ​to​ ​direct. ​I highly​ ​recommend​ ​him as​ ​a​ ​talent."

J. Nick Porreca

Director | Bolt Blue Media

Cody Easterbrook wows and entertains!


Paul Lam

American Advertising Federation

     If you ever have a project and need a great actor, Cody won't disappoint!

Lily Acain

Casting Director | Aloha Casting

It is a pleasure and an honor to work with Cody, he is every directors dream talent."

Roy Kimura

Director | Kinetic Productions

    Cody is the type of actor that everyone dreams of working with. Not only does he light up a room but he creates an atmosphere that allows every character to truly come to life."

Darcie Mayo

CoStar | Infinite Time 

    I remember telling Cody in the 7th grade that I'd be seeing him on the screen one day - and now there he is! I'm so happy for his success, Cody always kept me laughing."

Carol Ross

7th Grade Teacher 


       I've had the pleasure of having the talented actor and emcee host my charity events for several years. His incredible talent is unmatched. He's always on point, with or without a script. 

Russell Tanoue

Celebrity Photographer | Event Producer

  Cody is truly a multi-talented performer and one of the BEST that Hawaii has to offer.

James Sereno

Director | Kinetic

Cody is a consummate professional that I'd highly recommend for any acting job or on camera work.

Rich Figel

Director | Producer

Career Changers TV

    One of the finest actors I have had the good fortune to work with, Cody is professional and charismatic and his performances are authentic and compelling. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him under any circumstance.

Branden Blinn

Director | 'SWELL'

   Cody is incredibly talented. Really can't say enough about how awesome he is!"

James McCormick

Screen-writer | 'False Advertising'

Cody is the quintessential renaissance man. He is brilliant, sensitive, gifted and articulate. He was the epitome of a great student, a master teacher and someone who refined joie de vivre (enjoyment of life).”


Leialoha Pakalani 

Professor | BYU-Hawaii

Cody is a pleasure to work with - a true professional .... personable, engaging and charming."

This guy is amazing!"


Terrence Babb

Director | Big Fun Crafty Show




Nehphison of Nephi, is an ancient prophet who warns the people of his village about the signs and wonders that will mark the return of the chosen one. Though persecuted and sought after, his faith remains resilient in times of trial and his supplication comes as the miracles unfold for his people. 

(Hallmark Channel)


Nick is friendly, chatty, and needs to know everything about everyone, especially Hannah, a fellow honeymooner he meets on his tropical honeymoon in paradise.  He is fun, caring and over the top, and his enigmatic persona leads him to meet another assumed couple honeymooning at his resort, but he soon realizes that things aren't always as they seem.  

Hallmark 'Two Tickets to Paradise'
Cody Easterbrook on the set of Magnum PI
(CBS Television)


T-LO is the sassy, boisterous and over-the-top salon owner, the man in charge of a hair salon, the last place where Lia was expected to appear before her kidnapping.  He's the kind of "colorist" who holds court and rants energetically to his customers while he works.

Magnum PI-3
MAGNUM PI (CBS Television)

T-Lo is an eccentric and sassy salon 'colorist' who is confronted my Detective Magnum and Higgins on the primetime CBS drama, Magnum PI. Cody Easterbrook brings to life this flamboyant character in his costarring role in season three, episode six of the series, entitled 'Tell No One,' which aired on CBS on Jan 22, 2021.

The NEED Series
(Kinetic Productions)


Cody brings his positive presence and over the top persona to the screen as Host of the Need Series. The  series takes the everyman approach as viewers follow Cody as he experiences anything from everyday dishes to extravagant adventures.  Audiences live vicariously as The NEED Series demonstrates some off the beaten track places and experiences in Hawaii.

Cody Easterbrook, host of the Need Series
Cody Easterbrook on the set of Devatha


Hina is the wise, timeless mentor who guides a young woman to discover the real meaning behind her special powers and her true existence.  The wise monk follows her throughout her life teaching her to hone her skills. This coming of age saga follows an extraordinary girl, along with a host of mystical characters, as she fights to save humanity.



Rosario Iodice Cody Easterbrook has been cast as the leading role in Bucciano, a film based on the true story of Rosario Iodice, as he and his small family flee their famine-stricken village in Bucciano, Italy.

The Big Fun Crafty Show
(NBC Universal)


Cody brings his artistic skills and over the top persona to this Universal Kids show, as the crafty show host of the Emmy-nominated show. The charismatic arts and crafts host presents creative and imaginative projects and teaches television audiences simple steps to bring these crafts to life. The kid's crafting competition show debuts this summer on Universal Kids network a new children’s television channel from NBC Universal. 

Cody Easterbrook on the set of The Big Fun Crafty Show
Cody Easterbrook production still 'Water Like Fire'
Water Like Fire
(Intertainment Studios)


Cody is there for Chanel in her darkest hour in the wake of tragedy when her drug addicted brother is injured in a hit-and-run. Cody is a both a friend and a coworker at the restaurant they both work at in Hawai'i.  The fun loving character grows close to the brother and sister as they navigate life amid unexpected circumstances depicted in this brooding independent film from acclaimed director, Mitchel Viernes.

50 First Kisses (Sony Pictures)


10 Second Tom gets his name because of his limited memory which only lasts about 10 seconds. A terrible hunting accident  left Tom with irreparable brain damage which brought him to the Callaghan Brain Injury Institute where he is now a permanent resident.  Because his memory  resets every couple of seconds, Tom spends his days comically introducing himself repeatedly to everyone he meets (an re-meets).

Cody Easterbrook on the set of 50 First Kisses film
Cody Easterbrook production still from Amazon Prime's Swell
Swell (HERE TV)


Brett is a successful family man and a powerful investigator for the district attorney’s office. He knows the ins and outs of every situation,  that is until he meets Swell. The emotional dilemma that is borne out of this encounter leaves the level headed father, husband and professional torn between doing what is right and giving into the overwhelming feelings that haunt him. Plagued by his passion, Brett, who is always in control, suddenly finds himself treading into new and emotionally uncharted territory.

Snatched (20th Century Fox)

Cody is the latino coworker with the comical thick Spanish accent working alongside Emily Middleton, played by Amy Schumer, in the action comedy directed by Jonathan Levine. Cody brings to life the busboy working in a New York City cafe, who struggles to make himself understood due to his Columbian accent. Although scripted, much of the major scene was improv  between comedy genius, Amy Schumer and Cody Easterbrook.

Cody Easterbrook and Amy Schumer on the set of Snatched
Cody Easterbrook production still from Flase Advertising
False Advertising


John Reed is a fast-talking, no nonsense, successful ad man. The powerful CEO of his own agency,  lives in the ultimate bachelor penthouse and is dating any guy's dream girl. He is living the quintessential perfect life, that is until a an unexpected visitor appears at his doorstep. The daughter he never knew he had  is thrust into his life changing everything he's ever known. John quickly discovers that sometimes, big things come in little packages.

Star Crossed


Kekoa is a local activist and leader of the organic movement on Maui. As an indigenous environmental activist, he calls for the island to take action against the large GMO corporations  that are destroying the 'aina or land. His world is turned upside-down however, when he meets and falls for Lily. When he learns that the love of his life is a GMO seed producer, their two worlds collide in the most unexpected way.

Cody Easterbrook Hawaiian activist
Cody Easterbrook production still
A Fantastic Wreck (ACM)


Garrett is a deadbeat surfer who is riding more than waves. For most of his life he has coasted by on his looks. He's all about the surf lifestyle, though when he's not chasing the swells, he's out chasing the ladies. Though  tied down by his girl, Garrett finds himself easily romanticized by another girl. A tense confrontation with his ex at party reveals that Garrett is used to getting what he wants and this sweet-talking beach bum knows how to get it.

Adam Devine's House Party (Comedy Central)


Cody is that obnoxious bar guy with all the worst dance moves, opposite Adam Devine ("Workaholics" "Pitch Perfect" and "Modern Family"). Each episode of "Adam Devine's House Party" features scripted story lines and stand-up segments with an exciting lineup of up-and-coming talent and established viral stars. 

Cody Easterbrook and Adam Devine
Cody Easterbrook on set of Aloha Santa
Aloha Santa (Infinite Entertainment)


Alabaster Elf is Santa's head elf and the second in command at the north pole. He is tasked with training Chris Cringle, the immature adopted son of Santa Claus, who finds his world turned upside down when his father passes on and leaves the duties of being Santa Claus to him. When Alabaster and the newly appointed Santa Claus accidentally crash land in Hawaii during a test flight, together they must figure out a way to get from the north shore to the north pole in time to save Christmas.

The Lightness of Time


Appster is the online persona that John uses when he hosts his viral app review webisodes. This self-taught techie is not only outgoing and charismatic but he also isn't afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to his feelings towards Anne. She is a renowned hacker and Appster's one true love.  A chance encounter with her places him face to face with the one who got away and the technology he hopes can win her back. Can he use the ability of micro time-travel to capture her heart before the government shuts the operation down.

Cody Easterbrook production still
Cody Easterbrook production still from Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)


Luke Pakele is a bull-riding Hawaiian cowboy with a rap sheet and a loner who lives off the grid on the Big Island volcanic lava fields. When a fellow cowboy and competitor on the rodeo circuit turns up dead, Pakele is the obvious suspect. An elite police task force known as Five-O arrive on the scene and Luke abruptly goes on the run. In classic cowboy style, he is hog-tied, taken down and accused of murder.

Aloha (Sony Pictures)


Cody plays personal assistant to the rocket-launching billionaire played by Bill Murray in the film written and directed by Cameron Crowe. Cody is the right hand 'yes man' to Carson Welsh, the billionaire industrialist (Bill Murray) who is poised to set up a space program, that is until fate steps in and sabotages the mission. Cody's character is on hand to comfort Welsh after the satellites demise. 

Cody Easterbrook and Bill Murray on the set of Aloha
Cody Easterbrook production still
My Hawaiian Discovery


Ryan is a fun loving Hawaiian local who truly connects with the earth.  He prefers the outdoors to a posh party any day and this freelance tour guide knows all the hidden trails and secret waterfalls on  the island. Ryan is easy-going but finds comfort in the mountains. He has a reputation for his coconut moonshine which he happily shares with his new friends from Japan, Minori, Akane, and Tomoya.

Off The Map (ABC)


Ramirez in an idealistic young guard in a remote village of South America who finds himself caught in quite a precarious situation. When a hepatitis outbreak spreads through the local prison, he accompanies his prisoners to ‘La Clinica del Sur” an understaffed and under-stocked medical clinic in the jungle. As a doctor suffers heart failure in the middle of surgery, Ramirez is forced to decide between keeping guard or jumping into action and saving a life.

Cody Easterbrook production still from ABC's Off The Map


Water Like Fire
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