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Voice-Over Artist / Vocalist


Cody is a seasoned voice-over artist who masterfully brings scripts to life! From campy to conversational, confident to comedic, he presents a wide vocal range and a wealth of experience behind the microphone.

From an early age he possessed a fascination with voices, dialects and accents and began honing his craft with impersonations of his teachers in grade school. His imitations proved enough for Cody to officially begin his voice-over career in radio.

With true vocal artistry, he effortlessly portrays a host of characters in commercials, animation, video games and provides commanding narration as an announcer for TV, radio and film. This talented vocalist, is also musically inclined as an accomplished singer, lending his diverse voice to a variety of markets.

Cody’s voice-over credits include Sega, Hawaiian Airlines, McDonald’s, American Savings Bank, Ameritas and The American Advertising Federation.


Voice-Over Demo
Cody EasterbrookVoice-Over Demo


Cody Easterbrook: Charming New Face of Altabank 

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        Cody is wonderful and a true professional. Everyone is thrilled with his work.


Actor and television host Cody Easterbrook has been announced as the official spokesman for Altabank, a prominent financial institution. With his undeniable charisma and natural talent, Easterbrook has quickly become the face of the bank's latest ad campaign, captivating audiences through print, commercial, and radio spots. The production team behind the campaign has expressed their utmost satisfaction with Easterbrook's performance, praising his professionalism and innate ability to connect with viewers.

Cody Easterbrook, known for his captivating on-screen presence and hosting skills, now takes center stage, this time as spokesperson for Altabank. The decision to enlist Easterbrook as their spokesperson demonstrates Altabank’s commitment to innovation and Easterbrook perfectly captures the well-established image of relatability and trustworthiness the financial institution is known for.

From the moment Easterbrook stepped onto the set, it was evident that he was the perfect fit for Altabank's ad campaign. The production team was impressed by his professionalism, adaptability, and ability to effortlessly embody the essence of the brand. Easterbrook's natural charm and charisma shone through, leaving everyone involved in the project thrilled with his work. “Cody is wonderful and a true professional. Everyone is thrilled with his work. He really is a natural,” raved the production. 

Easterbrook's magnetic presence has allowed him to connect with viewers on a deeper level. Through the print, commercial, and radio spots, he effortlessly conveys Altabank's message of trust, reliability, and financial expertise. His ability to engage audiences and make them feel at ease has undoubtedly contributed to the campaign's success.

As a star in the entertainment industry, Cody Easterbrook's involvement in Altabank's ad campaign has undoubtedly elevated the bank's visibility and brand recognition. With his infectious personality and genuine approach, Easterbrook has managed to capture the attention of audiences, making a lasting impression.

Cody Easterbrook's appointment as the spokesman for Altabank's ad campaign marks a significant milestone in his career. The television personality's seamless transition into the world of advertising has proven to be a success, with his natural talent and professionalism shining through in every aspect of the campaign. As Altabank's new face, Easterbrook has not only brought a fresh perspective but has also connected with audiences, solidifying the bank's image as a trusted financial institution.

Altabank Responding with more

Cody Easterbrook takes on a new role as the trusted spokesperson for Altabank, a role that perfectly complements his magnetic personality.

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Altabank enlists Cody Easterbrook as their spokesperson, as he perfectly captures the well-established image of relatability and trustworthiness the financial institution is known for.

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