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Pizza Face

Getting a zesty Italian facial gives new meaning to the term, 'Pizza Face'

Growing up we didn't have cable. If I wanted to watch people getting slimmed with green ooze on kids shows, I had to go to the neighbors. Instead I was raised watching reruns of "I love Lucy." It may have been in black and white but, for me, Lucy's antics came to life in full color. Classic moments like the chocolate factory, grape stomping or even filming her vitameatavegamin commercial. I always thought how fun it would have been to step into her shoes (no not her high heels) because she always ends up as a hilarious mess! 

It's not everyday you have a cascade of pizza sauce dumped on your face, but that's the life of an actor in a pizza commercial.

My most recent commercial felt like a classic Lucy moment. The scene plays out with two dudes at home in their apartment on their computers. Upon realizing he's hungry, one of the guys decides to order a pizza online. With just a few taps on the keyboard, instantly, a simmering hot pizza plops onto his table from an oblivion. His roommate sees an opportunity to get in on this delectable delight but as he reaches for a savory slice, he is quickly reprimanded to, "get your own!" Smugly he retorts, "fine, I will." 

The roommate proceeds to order his own pizza in like manner, online.. only trouble is, he slyly forgets to order one key ingredient - the crust. Instantly, stark red tomato sauce, pepperonis, mushrooms and cheese rain down on the first guy, assaulting him with a drenching deluge of pizza sauce and toppings. "Oops forgot to order the crust," his roommate snidely confesses. Drenched but not defeated, the dude orders again, also releasing a relentless artillery of pizza sauce and toppings on his roommate. "Touché."

I always loved moments when Lucky was doused, drenched or splattered by anything and everything from chocolate to a pie in the face. The look of her slow yet decisive reaction was always priceless. So obviously, I was stoked for my turn to finally take place. 

It was a packed set between two actors, a director, sound, lights, wardrobe and even the client, all snuggled into a two room sky rise condo in downtown Honolulu. When I saw that wardrobe had prepped 20 of the exact same shirt for me, I realized we were going to get dumped more than a few times, I'm talking more than you can count on one hand, but hey, it's not everyday you have a cascade of tomato basil sauce pouring down your face. 


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