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It's Rodeo Time Ya'll

The Houston Livestock show and Rodeo

For only two and half glorious weeks in March, Texans descend upon the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. In the shadows of the famed Astrodome, revelers witness bull-riding, dance along to live music, and devour smoked barbecue and deep-fried everything! Yup, it's Rodeo time ya'll. 

Now, I’ve taken part in this totally Texan tradition a handful of time before, (why heck, I even won a blue ribbon in the Rodeo Art competition when I was a teenager)  so of course, I did as any good Texas does and I gussied up - wearing my very best western wear - and I joined in the Texas Rodeo tradition.

Reunited with Miss Moo at the Houston Livestock show and rodeo

Certainly, I enjoy coating my fingers with smoky, succulent meat-candy, followed by inspected the similar (yet living) livestock that I had just previously devoured. It’s an odd combo but it works.  Deep friend funnel cakes are always in order and nothing feels more manly than walking around with a massive turkey leg in hand. Yes. An entire turkey leg.

After the honky tonk concerts and live music, you complete the evening at the carnival fair. Flashing lights, more fried food and ferris wheels under the stars are where its at. I personally love jumping in the swings and soaring above the crowds. With Texas barbecue, petting zoos, polk dotted llamas, live music and a carnival - Does it get any better than the Houston Rodeo? Methinks not. Mom, Dad, Diane and I approved. Yee-haw!

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