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The Last Field Trip

School is cool, but so is summer

It’s official, we are in the homestretch. School is almost out! A recent field trip to the Waikiki aquarium introduced my students to some sea life they could encounter just a few steps away in the actual ocean, but I was amazed by the delicate but deadly jellyfish tank. I’m happy to report I did find Nemo the clown fish accompanied by more than a few Dorys. My students decided the frowned-face grouper fish was by far the ugliest. The field trip was quite a trip but at times was a test of patience. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but I can already hear that blessed anthem "School's out for Summer!"

A field trip is usually fun, but it seems more often than not, with my second graders, I’m in discipline mode. I mean, the highlight of any teacher is the bus ride after the field trip because, like clock work, those little ones just knock right out. I guess I’m used to my old kindergarten classes because my kids did not doze off! Their energy actually increased! On top of that, we didn’t return to the school because a strange smell sent the entire school into evacuation! I spent the rest of my afternoon wrangling these rugrats until their parents came to get them from a nearby park. Not the stress-free field trip one would imagine. But c'est la vie I guess. They do keep me young!

School is cool but so is summer, and the last field trip of the year means summer is coming!

Thanks to social media, they recently figured out my full name - which has been all the talk of recess. They are mostly willing to share their snacks with me and, they are always the first ones to find my latest commercial. I mean, they put up with me going missing for a spell when I’m off riding camels in the desert or escaping dinosaur attacks at Jurassic World, or just filming my latest commercial installment. 

So it’s been a crazy year with second grade but I’m going to miss these little guys, (who by the way, are increasingly not that little anymore.) This might be my last year teaching for a while, but it’s been an incredible 3 and half year run. But let’s just say, I’m really looking forward to my summertime escape right right about now!

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