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Wardrobe Malfunction: Did I just wear a blouse on tv?

Have you ever made a bad early morning decision? Are you not quite cognizant in the wee hours of the day leading to poor judgment? 

Well, yesterday I might have fallen victim to my early morning decision making and I might just have worn a blouse on live television. 

I woke up at 5am to get ready for my appearance on Living 808, our local live morning show in Honolulu. I would be doing a fashion segment highlighting a few designers. When I got to hair and make-up, I was told one of the designers had sent over an outfit for me to wear on air. 

I had put in hours of delicate planning putting together the perfectly fitted look and suddenly someone threw a wrench into my plans. I couldn’t just say no, it was all happening so fast and the next thing you know I was wearing what appeared to be a blouse on live television. 

Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm laughing now looking back. Don't get me wrong, runway fashion is beautiful - but sometimes it's just that, 'runway fashion' meant for the runway. Seriously, you know how, if you’re pretty enough, you can wear a poncho and make it look good. Well yeah, I’m not that guy. 

Here I was surrounded by beautiful models who could pull anything off and, in retrospect, I was wearing an ill-fitting silky blouse on live television complete with an attached scarf. The stylist first tied it into a bow around my neck as if I were a founding father or Little Bo Peep. I wasn’t completely incompetent however, thankfully I put my foot down and opted for the over the shoulder scarf look instead. 

After going off air, I took a nap and revisited my television appearance revealing the gravity of the situation. I most definitely was wearing a blouse on live television. I never cease to amaze myself lol.

Here's a few of my favorite responses: "Lol....u and vanilla ice could go hand in hand." "I think you had a shirt like that in 3rd grade!" "Remember the Seinfeld episode about the puffy pirate shirt!?" "The 90's called and 'Saved by the Bell' wants their shirt back" "You got your game blouse on" "That's some Golden Girls vintage couture" "It could have been worse... They could have included a pencil skirt with it." "The scarf is the best part!! lol" "Lol! I swear Theodore Huxtable wore a shirt/blouse just like that."
"Pretty sure that's the dixie cup pattern."

Check out my fashion faux pa below.

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