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The Traveler Spot

Sometimes you come across a role that you know is just meant for you.

In the backroom at the Island insurance building in downtown Honolulu, I played with antarctic penguins, ran with the Spanish bulls, rode a camel through the desert, went rock climbing and even stuck my head in the mouth of a lion. All just a day's work on set. Thanks to movie magic, I was transported from the Antarctic to Africa and a few stops in between for my latest commercial spot. The theme is that you can afford more epic travel with the money you save switching to Island Insurance. Ryan, the director, joked, "Cody, this role was meant for you!"

It's no secret, I've been around the world a few times and done some pretty incredible things, so it was fun to let art imitate life in my latest commercial. Along with the help of Deb, my favorite wardrobe stylist, I was outfitted for my world adventure photos which I was keen to show off  with my on-screen coworker. I mean honestly, the role of 'that' guy showing off his travel pictures sounds pretty familiar, am I right?  Go ahead and check out the spot below!

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